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Jane's Secret Deal

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She was old and dying. She knew that she doesn't have long to live. It was time for a certain young lady to keep her part of the deal. She walked to a mirror and pressed a red button under it.

"Show me where Jane Skyway is now," ordered the old woman. Then, the mirror showed a picture of a red haired woman taken care of her family apartment. She was pressing buttons to fix up her apartment. She couldn't believe how Jane Skyway has wasted her life. Then, she saw a white haired teenaged girl walked into the apartment.

"How is your day?" asked Jane.

"It was groovy. I was able to pass all my tests today, and Brad has asked me out, Mom," answered the white haired teenager. Then the picture disappeared as she wave her hands. Now, it's time to collect what Jane Skyway owned her, To be continued.

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Both Judy and Elroy was in their rooms doing their homework. Her husband was on his way back home from work. Jane was getting dinner ready. Then, she heard a sound from the vision phone. Who could be calling at this time? She walked to the phone, and turned it on. Jane was shocked to see the face of an old lady.

"Hello Jane Skyway. It's time for you to keep your side of our deal,' said the old lady. It caused Jane to remember something that she manage to forget. Her mind went back to the time she entered a spooky house on a dare. It was during Halloween. There was someone else in that house who wasn't pleased to see Jane in her house without an invite. When Jane saw the look of anger in her eyes, she knew that she was in danger. She try to escape, but the witch put her under a spell which prevent her from leaving. Then, she removed Jane's clothes and put her body in a boiling pot over a burning flame. This brown haired lady was going to cook her. To be continued.

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"Now that you have come into my home without my permission, you shall pay by becoming my Halloween dinner," said the witch.

"Please don't. If you let me live, I will do anything that you say," promised Jane.

"Who are you?" asked the witch.

"My name is Jane Skyway," said Jane. The witch waved her hands and the flames die down.

"You will become my bed warmer," said the witch. Jane knew that she has no choice. So that night, she slept with the witch. Their naked bodies becoming as one. Jane has became a woman under the body of the witch Then, she fell asleep. Jane never told anyone what has happen to her, that night. To be continued.

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Jane's mind return to the present. She promised that she will return to the witch, when she send for her. She can't brake that promise.

"When will you want me to come to you," asked a depressed Jane.

"You will come to me, tomorrow morning. I will expect you to be there around 7 AM," answered the witch, who hung up. Her picture has vanished from the screen. Jane turn off the phone. Her old life is coming to an end. She has to get ready to pack and leave her family behind. Before she could do that, she might as well have a last supper with her family.

Jane listened as her husband, George Jetson, told his family about how his day went. She was wondering how George will survive without her. Then, she listen to Judy and Elroy talked about their day. Then, Jane was caught off guard when George asked her how her day went.

"I got a call from an old friend. She's sick and want me to visit her. I need to get packed and go to her," answered Jane.

"I wish you didn't have to go," said George. He didn't know how much she wished that she could stay.

"She need me. I have to go," said Jane.

"How long will you be gone?" asked George.

"I don't know," answered Jane. To be continued.

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Soon, dinner was over. Jane went to get her suitcase and pack her clothes. George watch her packing. She didn't pack much.

"Why did you have to go?" asked George.

"As I told the whole family, she need me. I must be with her right now. I has promised her that I will come," answered Jane, who has finished packing and closed the suitcase.

"I wish you didn't have to go," begged George. Jane walked out of their bedroom. George followed her. Her kids and Astro was waiting near the door.

"Please, let's us go with you," said Elroy. There was tears in his eyes. Even Judy and Astro was crying.

"You and Judy have school to go to. It's late October. You should stay here with your father," said Jane. She try not to cry. She doubt that she'll be coming back. The door opened for her, and she left her family behind, maybe forever. To be continued.

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Jane took a sky cab to an old house outside of Space City. She looked at the old house. It still look like it have been lived in. It has been a while since she has last visit this house. Jane got out of the sky cab and paid the driver. She waited until the sky cab was gone before she walked to the house. She has stopped at the door and rang the bell. Then, an old lady opened the door.

"Come on in," welcomed the old lady. Jane walked into the house. The old lady closed the door. She didn't want Jane to leave. Then, she waved her hands. Jane felt tingly. Something was happening to her body.

"Take off your clothes. You won't need them here," commanded the old lady. Jane did as she commanded. Soon she was in her birthday suit. The old lady like what she saw.

"You will stay with me until my death. You will do as I say. You will be my companion for what remain of my life," said the old lady. She walked to Jane and hugged her. Jane felt her going into her mind. She rubbed her body onto Jane's body. Jane couldn't do anything about it, but allow it to happen. The old lady has put a spell on her. She will stay with the old lady until she die. She will made the old lady happy for what remain of her life. On that October night, a week before Halloween, Jane Jetson has become the human pet of the old witch. They will be the closest of lovers in the history of humanity. Jane is going to keep a promise that she has made as a teenager. To be continued.

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A week has passed as Jane stayed with the old lady as her companion. She saw to it that Jane got fed and washed. Jane watched as the old lady did her chores. She only put clothes on when the old lady went outside to check on her garden. She usually go out to help the old lady with her gardening.

"How long does I have to stay with you?" asked Jane, as she help with the gardening.

"Until my death. As part of my will, you will get very powerful magical gems of mine to keep. You can make yourself as well as the rest of your family wealthy with it," answered the witch. Jane thought about what the witch told her. Her husband wouldn't have to work for Mister Spacely if they were wealthy. Being this woman's bed warmer is a small price for her family to become wealthy. She hoped that her family never found out what she did to get her family to become wealthy. To be continued.

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Halloween has reached Space City. George Jetson was giving out candy treats to the kids who were trick or treating. July Jetson was staying at home while her brother Elroy was trick or treating.

"Why don't you go trick or treating with your brother?" asked George.

"I'm too old to go trick or treating," answered July.

"He shouldn't be alone on this night," argued George.

"He's not alone. he with his friends," said Judy. Then, Elroy came in.

"How was your trick or treating?" asked George.

"It was nice. I just wish that Mom was here," said Elroy. It reminded George of how much he missed jane already He wished he knew if Jane was alright or not. He was a little worried.

"In a old house outside of Space City, Jane was naked on a bed making love to an old witch. As she felt their bodies rubbing each other, she knew that as long as the witch remain alive, she will be her bed warmer until the witch dies. Jane hoped that it won't be long until the witch dies. The end, for now.