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Kind of Hot

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Kind of Hot
by Pixie Child
"Eli's kind of hot, don't you think?" Anole asked from behind Rockslide. Santo, leaning against the bed, twisted around to look at the green guy lying on his back.
"How would I know?" Santo asked. "He is insane, though."
"He is not."
"He is too. Every time you talk to him he starts yelling about something."
Vic snorted. "And how many times have you talked to him?"
"Don't have'ta. He yells so loud everyone in the same city can hear him."
"You're exaggerating." The green mutant disagreed half-heartedly.
"Not by a hell of a lot."
"Are too."
"Either way, he's kind of hot."
Santo rolled his eyes. "Uh-huh, sure. In the same way Radian was." He snickered.
"That's a terrible comparison. Patriot's got an actual reason to be angry. And he never caused a riot."
"Yeah, okay, fine." Rockslide huffed. "But he's still insane."
"Yes, Santo, Christian Cood was insane. And Eli Bradley is still hot."

                   ~  Pixie Child