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by Jewelbaby



Kevin was working on some proposals for Robert when  Kitty came in. “Just the brother I wanted to see.” She said.

“What did Mom do?” Kevin asked looking up.

“She thinks I should move in while Robert is campaigning.” Kitty  said.

“Living with mom. I’d rather have a root canal.” Kevin said.

“Me too. So what do I do?” Kitty asked.

“You’re asking me. Come on Kit. I can barely stay away from her. She calls me on every legal matter.” Kevin said getting up and filing the  proposal.

“But you know her better than I do. How do I tell her no.” Kitty  asked.

“I don’t.” Kevin said as his office door opened and in walked Scotty  and Robert.

“You don’t what?” Robert asked.

“Know how to say no to Nora Walker.” Kitty said.

“What does she want you to do?” Scotty asked Kevin

“She wants me and Evan to move in while Robert is Campaigning.” Kitty said.

“That’s a good idea.”  Robert said.

“No it’s not.   Me and mom would kill each  other.”   Kitty said.

Kevin’s phone rang, “Kevin Walker.”  He said.

“Kevin   glad I caught you.  I need you to come and  read over some papers for me.”   Nora said.

“I can’t not tonight.”  Kevin said.   Scotty smiled  him and Kevin had decided to get some much needed rest.   Scotty could  see Kevin’s exhaustion.

“Oh nonsense you and Scotty will come and have dinner.  Then we  can discuss this paperwork.”   Nora said.

“Mom I really can’t tonight.”  Kevin said.  “Why not?”  Nora  asked.

“Me and Scotty have plans.”  Kevin said.

“Oh for heavens sakes.  I’ll just bring the papers to  you.”   Nora said hanging up.

Kevin hung up sighing,   “Just call her and tell her we’ll  come.” Scotty told Kevin.

“You call her.”   Kevin said rubbing his eyes.

“Why don’t we leave Kevin and Scotty alone.”  Robert said.

“I need to talk to you anyways.”   Kitty said following  Robert out of the office.

When the door clicked Scotty went around the desk.  “You ok?”  He  asked.

“Yeah.”  Kevin said sighing.

“I’ll call Nora and tell her we’ll come for dinner.   After  dinner we’ll go home and you can get some rest.”    Scotty  said.   Kevin nodded and hugged Scotty.



Nora had all the dinner prepared when Sara Justin and Rebecca came  in.  “Oh good you’re here.”  Nora said.

“Well you didn’t give us much choice mom.”  Sara  said.

“Yeah I get a call saying we’re having a family dinner.”  Justin  said.

“Well it won’t kill you guys.”  Nora said.

Kitty and Robert came in.   “What is all of this?”  Kitty  asked.

“Family dinner.”   Sara said.

“Mom didn’t you tell Kevin it would just be him Scotty and  you?” Kitty asked.

“Kevin and Scotty are coming?”   Sara asked.

“Yes they’re coming.  They’re family.”  Nora said.

“I know mom.  It’s just when I saw Kevin earlier this week he  looked like he wasn’t feeling well.”   Sara said.

“He’s just coming to eat.  It’s not like he’s gonna run a  marathon.” Justin said.

“Who’s running a Marathon?”  Kevin asked as he and Scotty  entered the Kitchen.

“No one.  Glad you could make it.”   Nora said going  and hugging them both.



Everyone was sitting around the table talking.  Scotty who was beside Kevin laid his hand on Kevin’s thigh.   He discreetly leaned over next  to Kevin’s ear.  “You ok?”  He asked quietly.

Kevin nodded.  “Just tired and this headache ain’t going away.”   Kevin said quietly.

Scotty nodded and left his hand on Kevin’s thigh.   Once  dinner was through Nora brought the papers over she wanted Kevin to look  at.  “This is the stuff I found on Tommy’s desk at their house.  Can  you tell me if it’s a bad thing?”  Nora asked.

Kevin started reading but before he could finish his eyes  blurred.   “Can you guys excuse me.”  Kevin said getting up and  going out into the kitchen.

Scotty followed and found him throwing water on his face.   “You  sure you’re ok?”   Scotty asked coming up behind him and rubbing his  shoulders.

“Yeah.  Headache is making my sight blurry.”   Kevin  said wiping his face off.

“Ok.  Why don’t we take the papers home and you can look at em  later.” Scotty said.

Kevin turned and laid his head on Scotty’s shoulder.    “You’re burning up.”  Scotty said.

“Maybe why I don’t feel so hot.”   Kevin said.

“Oh babe.”  Scotty said wrapping his arms around Kevin.

“I just wanna go home and curl up in bed.”   Kevin  said.

Just then Justin came into the kitchen.  “You guys  ok?”   He asked grabbing another bottle of wine.

“Yeah.”  Kevin said pulling off of Scotty.

“Cool.  Mom is wondering where you guys are.  She thinks you  skipped out the back.”   Justin said.

“No.  Not enough energy.”  Kevin said quietly.

Scotty put his hand on Kevin’s back massaging it softly as they made their way back in the dining room.   “There you are.  For  goodness sakes how long does it take to get more wine?”  Nora asked.

“Sorry.”  Kevin said sitting down again.

Scotty stayed back and let Kevin do his reading with Nora beside  him. Justin slipped up beside him.  “He’s not feeling good is  he?”  He asked.

“No.  Headache and he felt warm.   He’s worn  out.  Between your siblings calling on him every night and Robert’s  Campaign.  He’s exhausted.” Scotty said.

“Not to mention the crap with Tommy.”  Justin said.

“I wasn’t gonna say anything.”  Scotty said.

“I know.  He needs rest.”   Justin said.

“Hey mom.  Scotty just told me he has a long day  tomorrow.  Why don’t you let Kevin take those home with him.”  Justin  said.

“Can you come tomorrow night?”  Nora asked.

“We’ll see.”  Kevin said standing.

“Night everyone.”  Scotty said.

“Night.”  Was chorused back.



Scotty unlocked the door and Kevin walked in.   “Go get out of  the clothes and crawl into bed.   I’ll bring some aspirin for the  headache.”  Scotty said going for the kitchen.  When he made his way  into the bedroom he found Kevin sitting on the bed.

“Want help?”  Scotty asked quietly.

“Yeah.  I hurt in place I didn’t know could hurt.”    Kevin said.

“It’s probably the flu.  You were around Evan the other day and  Kitty said he had a nasty bug.”  Scotty said.

“Yeah now I remember.”   Kevin said moving so Scotty could  get his shirt and pants off.

“You want your underwear left on?”   Scotty asked.

“I don’t care.”  Kevin said crawling under the covers.

“Here take these.”  Scotty said handing Kevin the  Aspirin.   Kevin downed them and laid back down letting sleep take  him.   Scotty kissed his head and got up.



The morning brought with it new challenges.  One being Kevin’s  nausea. Scotty woke to hear his husband throwing up dinner in the  bathroom.   Scotty got up walked into the bathroom and squatted beside  Kevin.  “Hey.”  He said softly rubbing Kevin’s back.

“Ohhh.”  Kevin moaned.

"I take it you won’t be going to work.”  Scotty said smirking.

“Good deduction there sherlock.”  Kevin said  sarcastically.

“How’s your headache?”   Scotty asked.

“Feels like I got someone playing drums in my head.   This  sucks.” Kevin said as another wave of Nausea burst through his  body.   When he was done collapsed on the floor head resting on the  toilet.

“Come on.  Let’s get you back in bed.”   Scotty  said.

Once Kevin was in bed Scotty took his phone and turned it off.   “I want you to rest as much as you can.  So I turned your phone off.   I’m gonna go make a phone call.”   Scotty said.

“K.  I’m gonna try to sleep.”   Kevin said trying to  get comfortable. Scotty had called the restaurant and told em he  wouldn’t be in today.   He told em if he could he would cover for the  chef that night.



Kevin had decided to move to the couch and watch some tv.  He was  dozing when the doorbell rang.  “No.”  He moaned.

“I’ll get rid of them.”  Scotty said coming through.

Scotty opened the door to Nora and Kitty who was holding a fussy  Evan.   “Oh good someone is home.”  Nora said coming in.

“Sorry Scotty.  She got worried when Kevin didn’t answer his  phone.” Kitty said coming in.

“Kevin why on earth are you laying down in the middle of the day?”   Nora asked.

Kevin sat up wincing.  “Cause I had a migraine.”  Kevin said  standing.

“Where you going?”  Kitty asked.

“To get something to drink.”   Kevin said going into the  kitchen.

The doorbell rang and Scotty opened it to find Sara standing there.   “Hey Scotty.”  She said.

“Hi.”   Scotty said closing the door.

“Sara what are you doing here?”  Nora asked.

“I came to ask Kevin something.  When I didn’t get an answer on his  cell phone I decided to drive over.”  Sara said sitting in the  recliner.

“Your brother has a migraine.  Now is not a good  time.”   Nora said.

“Well I want Kevin to tell me that.”  Sara said getting up and  going into the kitchen.

“Sara leave him alone.”   Nora said.

“Mom not all of us call him every five minutes about something  related to Tommy.   I need him to look at something for a business  deal.”   Sara said.

“Oh Sara    Tommy is your brother.  I am trying  to help him.”  Nora said.

Scotty was about to respond when the doorbell rang.   When  he opened it he saw Justin looked at him apologetically.   “Do me a  favor and get them out of here.”  Scotty said quietly.

“I’ll do my best.  He laying down?”  Justin asked.

“No he’s in the kitchen.”   Scotty said shutting the door.

“Justin oh glad you’re here.  Now we can have a family meeting  of what to do about Tommy.”   Nora said.

“Mom I think now is not the time.”  Justin said.

“Why not?  We’re all here.”    Nora said.

“Mom.  Kevin don’t feel good.”  Justin said.

Kevin came out of the kitchen and spoke.   “It’s fine  Justin.   What is there to discus mom?”  Kevin asked sitting down  on the couch.

“We need to hatch a plan to get your brother back.”  Nora  said.

“Mom Tommy didn’t want to come back.  And besides I’m sorry but  I’m tired of cleaning up his mess.”  Kevin said a little too loudly.

“Kevin.  He’s your brother.”    Nora said.

“And I love him dearly but....”   Kevin stopped when  nausea hit him.  “Excuse me.”  He said running out of the room.

“Is he sick?”  Kitty asked.

“Was throwing up all morning.  Not to mention the  migraine.”   Scotty said.

“Why didn’t he say anything?”  Sara asked.

“Maybe because you 3 came in with problems you want him to  solve.   He’s exhausted.”   Justin said.

“Maybe we should go.”  Kitty said standing with Evan on her hip.

“Yeah we’ll go and let him rest.  Scotty have him call us when  he feels up to some company.”   Sara said.

“I will.   Just give him a few days. He’s been torn five  different directions.”    Scotty said.

“Come on Mom let’s go figure out which room will be better for the nursery.”  Kitty said.

“I’m gonna stay and take care fo Kevin.”   Nora said.

“Mom I think Scotty can handle that.”  Justin said  smirking.

“Besides Kevin I think just wants to sleep.”   Scotty  said.

“Ok.  Call me and I can come back.”  Nora said.

“I will.  See you guys later.”   Scotty said closing  the door and leaning on it.   Scotty went into the bedroom and found  Kevin sprawled out on the  bed sound asleep.   Scotty  smiled softly and draped a blanket over him. Scotty was glad to see Kevin  sleeping.