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by Pixie Child

"This is a new kind of different." Tommy said, watching a flash of blue zip around in the dark, kind of like a very large firefly under the streetlights.
"Gotohell." Came her reply, as fast as he was used to hearing himself speak. "EithergetoffyourassandhelporPISSOFF."
Insted of doing as she said, he reclined back on the bench. "What are you doing?"
"Doing what?"
Right away, Tommy sat up. "Wait. What?"
"It'swhyyouweresenthere." Was her non-clarifying answer. "Tohelpmegetridofthem."
"Yeah,okay,sure." He jumped to his feet. "Whatdotheylooklike?"
"It would have served you right, you know." The girl, Surge, said after all the tiny white explosives were gathered.
"Getting blown up."
"Hey!" Speed protested, mildly offended. It wasn't like he didn't hear that sort of thing frequently, but he had helped her out.
"You were being a jackass."
"Well, yeah." He admitted. "It's what I do well."
"Oh?" She asked, looking at him out of the corner of her eye and her lips twitched into a half-smirk. "Is that all you do well?"
He gave her a full smirk in return. "Wouldn't you like to know?" He began to speed up. "Make you a deal. If you can catch me, maybe I'll tell you, with a full demonstration to back it up." With that, Speed took off. "I'llevenpacemyself.Don'tfeeltobadifyoucan't." He taunted his over his shoulder. "NoteveryonecanbeascoolasIam."
A few minutes later, after a few laps around the city, he felt a hand on his arm. "Tag." She said, close enough that he could feel her breath on his ear, "You're it."
He grinned. He couldn't help it; it was so cool to find a girl who could keep up.
                   ~  Pixie Child