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Unnatural Behaviour

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Unnatural Behaviour
by Pixie Child


"It's disturbing." Billy said out of the blue. "Really, really disturbing." Teddy looked over at his boyfriend, pacing in a circle. "He's being nice."
"Who, Tommy?" Teddy asked unnecessarily. Tommy had been unusually easy to live with in the last few weeks, but he wasn't going to complain.
"Duh." Billy said. "He's been cheerful, friendly and nice." He stressed the word again. "He follows orders, doesn't hit on Kate anymore and barely taunts Eli."
"And you're upset because he's not being a jerk?"
"It's unnatural!" Billy argued, waving his arms in the air. "It's against the laws of nature! She's corrupted him!"
"Maybe he's just happy." The alien suggested. "Besides, isn't it better she's influenced him?"
"No!" Billy yelled. Teddy arched an eyebrow and waited. Sure enough, Billy stopped pacing and scowled. "Well, maybe. Okay, yeah. But it goes against everything that defines reality. Yesterday, he asked me what kind of flowers to buy. For her."
"That's not a hard question. Anything pink."
"That's not the point. He's buying flowers."
"So he's being a good boyfriend. That's not a bad thing either, Billy."
"Maybe she cast a spell on him. To make him a good boyfriend."
"Uh-huh. Sure. Because she would totally have trouble finding one otherwise." Teddy patted the couch. "Come on. You've met her. Heck, you were the one to threaten him if he mistreated her. Do you really think she'd do that? This is Megan Gwynn we're talking about."
"Yeah, but..." Billy bit his lip but went over to Teddy. He allowed himself to relax a bit as his boyfriend sat down next to him. "He's acting too nice. Really considerate and so sweet."
"So he's acting a little more like you?" Teddy teased lightly. Billy glared at him.
Teddy sighed. It was going to be a long afternoon.

                   ~  Pixie Child