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The Wise Things That We Ignore

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The Wise Things That We Ignore
by callum


"I got the car," the photographer Dave hands his fearless leader the keys, as they quickly enter the older man's hands.

"Excellent," Bobbie Bowfinger hands them off to Slater, while Dave watches the car he just lifted -- er, temporarily borrowed without permission, from big time producer Jerry Renfro's parking spot -- drive back out into LA traffic.

"Sir," Dave can only express his concerns to Bowfinger between breaths, "are you sure this is the wise thing?"

Bobbie Bowfinger just gives an exasperated sigh as their barely legal crew prepares the equipment, "I don't want to do the wise thing. If I wanted to do the wise thing," he goes into one of his rants, "I'd be selling shoes out of my dad's rent-o-wagon. But I don't do the wise thing," He turns again to Carol, putting on the last adjustments to her costume, "because I make films, and when you make films you grab opportunities like a thief and make them yours!"

"How avant-garde!" Carol belabours in kind.

Dave nods, "Right" and silently prays that all the powers of Heaven and Earth protect a scratch from forming on that car.