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by Pixie Child

"You are such a fanboy." Rockslide grunted as Anole vaulted over a downed robot and onto the next, the green guy never taking his eyes off the team fighting alongside them. "You do remember you're a superhero too, right?"
"Say it a little louder, why don't you?" The lizard-like mutant bitched, sounding a little embarrassed and a lot annoyed.
"Okay." Santo smirked. "Anole!" He called a little louder than before, "You are such a-"
"Shut up, Rockslide." Vic hollered.
The robots attacking the park were ridiculously easy to defeat and it took less than ten minutes to finish the fight. "Pansies." He kicked the nearest broken android, half hoping it would get back up. When it didn't, he looked over at Vic. "So, should we introduce the Young Avengers to their biggest fan?"
Victor chucked a decapitated robot head at him. "Don't even start." He warned Santo idly. "Patriot's kind of hot, don't you think?"
"Yeah." Santo started to nod before he realized it, then turned it into a shrug. Unfortunately, judging by the smirk Vic was giving him, he didn't catch himself soon enough. "If you like dudes, I guess."
"Uh-huh." Anole jumped from the pile of dead 'droids and onto Rockslide's shoulder.
"I like Hawkeye." He covered, then leered overtly across the park at the girl in question. "She's fine. And the way she handles her crossbow..." He trailed off with a guttural moan.
"Sure, Rockslide." His friend replied doubtfully. "You keep telling yourself that."
"She is!' He insisted. "Girls and guns. Even you've gotta see it, even if you are queerer then a glittery pride flag flown by Fabio."
"Fag." Santo teased off-hand as he walked over toward the Young Avengers.
"Dumbass." Vic shot back.
"Fanboy." He sang out, loud enough to attract the attention of the boy wearing the cape.
"Flaming hetro." Anole muttered just before he hopped off Rockslide and walked over to Hawkeye and Patriot. He held out his hand and grinned. "Hi. I'm Anole and this is Rockslide."
Patriot shook Vic's hand and Santo snickered. When they withdrew, Anole's hand went behind his back and he flipped the larger X-Men the bird. Santo snickered again.
                   ~  Pixie Child