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"All In A Day's Work"

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Disclaimer:  The High Chaparral characters do not belong to me.  They have been borrowed strictly for fun and not for fortune.

"The High Chaparral"

All In A Day's Work


By Ross


A glint of sunlight on metal is seen among the rocks. A shout, a shove, and Mano is struck by a bullet meant for Buck.

Dos amigos ride double, in a race back to the ranch.

Horses are saddled. Cinches are snugged. Reinforcements ride out, rifles in hand.

Victoria tends her bleeding brother.

Buck high-tails it to Tucson, to fetch the doc.

John Cannon commands his cowboy troops, as they ride boldly into battle.

The rustlers are routed.

The herd is rounded up.

The rescue party returns to The Chaparral, to find Manolito mending, in a hammock on the porch.