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Forgotten Dreams

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Renesmee's P.O.V

I smiled to myself, as I smoothed out my blue dress that Daddy had bought me for class today. I loved wearing the cutest clothing, and Auntie Alice made sure I wore the newest clothing, as well. I never ever wore the same thing twice, though. As I looked over to Ms. Swan, I smiled over at her, and I thought that I was pretty. I, Nessie Cullen, looked to be about five years old and I was the spitting image of my father. I had my hair tied in a blue, matching bow that was in a pony tail where the end of my hair was in wavy curls due to my grandma curling it this morning.

"Ms. Swan, I had so much fun today in class," I said quietly, looking over at her, and I skipped over to her with a small smile on my face.

"I am glad, Renesmee. Is your father running later today?"

"I think so but he should be here to take me home. Did you know that he is a doctor, Ms. Swan?" I asked her, reminding her to what my Daddy did for a living, as I sat down in my seat after I watched Ms. Swan sit down.

"Oh, that's very lovely. Would you like me to take you home?"

"May I use the phone to call him?"

I dialed the number to home but there was no answer. I guess they went hunting already or maybe they are just busy with something. I then dialed the number to my Dad's cell phone. When I heard him pick up, I just giggled.

"Oh Renesmee, baby, I'm sorry, but I won't be able to pick you up…"

"That's okay, Daddy. My teacher offered to take me own. Is that all right?"

I heard my father laugh and I smiled. I absolutely loved it when he laughed. "Of course she can, princess. I should be home within the next hour."

"I love you, Daddy. Thank you."

"I love you too, princess. Be good for your aunts when you get home. They're helping Esme decorate the dining room," I heard my father say and then I hung up the phone.

"So, am I taking you home, Renesmee?"

I grinned, nodding my head, and I put on my book bag where we were out the door.

Bella's P.O.V

I didn't understand what it was but there was something about my top student. I knew it was wrong to have a favorite student but Renesmee hit the cake with that. She was so helpful and there were times when she would stay after school when her family was away. I, of course, didn't mind it at all, especially to how well-mannered she was, as well.

"Are you hungry?" I asked Renesmee when I pulled out the parking lot of the school, as I gripped the steering wheel, and I looked over at her with a kindred smile on my face. "I could get you some chicken nuggets from McDonalds or wherever you would like to go."

"That's fine. I like chicken," Renesmee said with a grin, as she looked at him before she let her eyes look out the window. "Your husband or boyfriend isn't going to be mad, is he?"

"I am not married, Renesmee, and even if I was, he wouldn't be. I don't have a boyfriend, either," I told her, as I pulled up to the McDonald's, going through the drive-thru.

"But you're so pretty, Ms. Swan. Why don't you have someone special in your life?" Renesmee asked me, as I felt my cheeks turn pink, and I shook my head when I saw that smile written across her face.

"I don't know, Nessie. What's with all these questions?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry. I want the mighty kids meal with the chicken nuggets, Ms. Swan."

"It's all right, Renesmee," I told her with a kind smile, as I then ordered her food, and I ordered myself a milkshake since it was pretty warm outside.

As I paid for our food and retrieved it, I watched her beginning to eat, and I couldn't help but want a child just like her. It wasn't everyday that you would even meet a respectful child but Renesmee was very smart. She was going to pass through school because she was just so smart and just so talented.

"You know… my Daddy isn't seeing anyone, either," Renesmee told me, as she chewed on her cheek, and she looked to me.

"If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your mother?" I asked, taking a sip of my chocolate strawberry, and I drove when the light turned green.

"No one really knows. There was an accident and we don't know if she ran off or if she died," Renesmee mumbled.

"Oh Renesmee, I am terribly sorry," I sighed. I really needed to choose my words wisely next to him but I couldn't help but wonder what mother would even leave their daughter.

"It's okay."

I then saw the house closely approaching and I pulled to the side of her house. I hadn't even shut off the car when Renesmee's aunt popped at Renesmee's window.

"Auntie Alice! You scared me!"

Alice laughed, as she looked in between her niece and towards me. The girl looked so tiny and small to be an aunt, along with the fact that she looked so hyper… like she was high on something.

Renesmee's P.O.V

I couldn't help but giggle at Alice's personality. I was a lot like her, especially when it came to wearing new clothes. I never ever did like to wear the same thing twice. My father said it was weird because he didn't mind wearing the same thing over and over. Although, if Alice ever knew that, she would wring his neck for that matter because in Alice's book, it was a sin to wear a piece of article clothing more than once.

"Hi, I'm Alice!" Alice said with a grin, as she looked past me to my teacher, and then, looked to me. "Where's your father?"

"I think he had an extra hour," I said, as I slid out from the backseat, and I looked at my teacher. "Oh, thank you for the ride, Ms. Swan."

"Oh, you're the infamous teacher that we have all heard about?" Alice asked with a grin, as she opened the passenger side of the car, and then, she slid into the seat beside my teacher.

"Yes, I'm Isabella Swan."

"Oooh, may I call you Bella? You should certainly stay for dinner. My mother always makes extra and you would finally be able to meet my hot shot brother, who happens to be Nessie's father," Alice said with a bright grin, as she looked over at Ms. Swan, and I could tell that my aunt liked my teacher.

"I don't know. My sister and I were suppose to have dinner together…"

"Nonsense, Bella. Why don't you go and get your sister? Like I said, my mother always makes extra, and it would be nice," Alice said with a smile, as she grabbed her hand, and she looked to me. "Honey, why don't you go inside?"

"Aw, but Aunt Alice, I…"

"Nessie," Alice said with a warn and I frowned. I waved good-bye to my teacher, hoping that I would see her later, and maybe I would be able to have my teacher as my mother too. How lovely would that be?

Alice's P.O.V

I couldn't believe my eyes. This girl was amazingly beautiful and she was definitely Edward's taste. Emmett liked those tall blonds. Hm, maybe her sister is a blond? I don't know what it was but there was something about this girl but I wasn't sure what it was. Whatever it was, I am sure that in time it would come to me.

"You know, she talks about you all the time," I began, as I looked over at Bella with a bright smile on my face, and I grabbed her hand. "We've all been dying to meet you."

"Well, uh, here I am," Bella said nervously, as she played with her fingers, and then looked over at him. "I should really get going."

"You're going to come back, right? I mean, I am pretty sure that my brother would love to meet his daughter's teacher. He's always so busy and it would be great for you two to finally meet," I told her, hoping that I sounded convincing somewhat.

"My sister and I really were just going to go out to eat and –"

"Nonsense, Bella, why don't you want to have dinner with us? Am I coming on too strong? Is that it or something? I can stop or at least try," I mumbled. Jasper did always tell me that I needed to calm down. As a matter of fact, everyone did.

Bella's P.O.V

I had to admit that Alice was very friendly and I wasn't used to jittery, jumpy, or excited people like Alice was. She really wanted me to have dinner with her family and I wasn't used to that. Well, I was usually having dinner with my sister at least two to three times a week. It would be nice to finally meet Renesmee's family since she was always saying wonderful things about her family.

"It's nothing against you. I just – I have a lot of work to do tonight," I lied to Alice, as I placed my hands on the bottom part of the steering wheel, and I gripped it tightly.

"Oh please… it's Friday. You can bring your sister and it would only be for a hour if you wanted to leave."

When I saw her pouting, I shook my head. Oh yeah, this girl was good – too good if you asked me. I was about to say something when my phone rang, and I looked at the face of my phone when it read 'Rosalie'. Alice saw the name and she grinned from ear to ear before she grabbed it, picking it up. I was shocked at her actions.

"Hi Rosalie, this is Alice Cullen… yes, I am related to Renesmee. I was just wondering if you and your sister would like to have dinner my family tonight. Bella says you guys can't but –"

I listened to them talk for several minutes before Alice handed up the phone where she got out the car. "I'll see you later, Bella."

As I watched her go into the house, practically skipping, I heard Rosalie screaming into the phone to get my attention.

"Rosalie, I am going to kill you."

With that, I hung up my phone, and I drove to my house where I knew Rosalie would be.