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New Kids In Town

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New Kids In Town
by peja


Jack and Ianto stood side by side on the wharf, studying the fantastical vessel that had sailed through the rift no more than half an hour ago.

"Looks like a massive metal fish." Jack commented, bouncing on his feet like an excited little boy.

"The Nautilus,"  Ianto intoned. "In fiction, the Nautilus was a submarine built by one Captain Nemo., no first name,  a madman intent of conquering the world as he knew it.

"A madman?" Jack asked softly."You really consider him mad?"

"At the very least he was a terrorist, willing to kill to make a point."

"He was a man before his time."

Ianto's lips tightened. "An environmental terrorist, Jack. Plain and simple. And a kidnapper, in the end."

"Nothing of the sort," A disembodied voice spoke softly behind them. "My freaky friends are unsung heroes.   Agents of Her Majesty's own service. Even though they are less than enthusiastic about that."

Jack and Ianto spun about, guns in hand, searching for the source of the elusive words.

The click-click of a Winchester sounded behind them, then another. "You might want to be rethinking your next actions." a cultured English voice floated to them from the Submarine.

Jack turned back, a wide grin on his handsome face to take in the older gentleman holding his rifle at the ready, a younger blond. "And why would that be?"

With a ferocious rush of air, Jack's Webbley whirled out of his hand with Ianto's own gun following suit moments later.

A dark-haired woman seemed to appear out of thin air. She smiled, displaying a set of very pointed and sharp incisors. "May I introduce the lovely Mina Harker, widow to Jonathan Harker. "

Ianto leaned his head toward Jack. "An invisible man, two characters out of the old wild and now a lady vampire. Interesting crew."

"Begs to wonder who is next out of the bottle."

Ianto nodded, his eyes tracing to where his gun lie uselessly several yards away.  "And how dangerous they are."

"I assure you," The older man quipped, scrambling down the side of the submarine, then waiting while the younger man joined him. "We are not your enemy." His clear blue gaze swept the docks. "Allen Quartermain at your service." He extended a hand to Jack who accepted it and introduced himself and Ianto in turn. "I can't say I recognize this as my London." Quartermain added.

"You're in Cardiff, not London." Ianto disclosed, letting his gaze travel up the darkly colored gown worn by Mina.  "Not from the 21st century, are you?"

"Is this the 21st, then?" Quartermain asked, turning slowly to take in the scenery with rapt attention. "Air stinks."

"Eighteen century wasn't a rose garden, as I recall, either," Jack remarked.

Quartermain turned back to him, his sharp gaze picking out each strength and weakness. "Makes you a bit long in the tooth." the young man said.

"Be polite, young Sawyer. These fine folks are our hosts. "My fine young friend, Tom here, can be a bit waspish at times.

"Are those your actual names?" Ianto blurted out suddenly.

Tom turned a youthful scowl on him. "Why do you ask?"

"Ianto is concerned because you are all fictional characters in our time. Not real people."

"Nonsense," Yet another man popped out of the Nautilus and sauntered toward them. A stiff backed man of apparent Indian heritage followed. the wiry man held out his hand "Dr. Henry Jekyll. This is my good friend, Captain Nemo."

"No first name?" Ianto asked.

Jekyll tilted his companion a sideways glance. "Never came up, I guess," He shrugged. "Does it matter?"

Ianto glared at the West India Captain. "Only if he has world domination on his mind."

Jekyll lifted a dark brow, but let the comment pass, saying instead, "Rodney, I thought you might be getting a bit chilled."

"Nah, after a bit the parts just go numb and I don't feel anything any more," Skinner drawled. "Just the same." An invisible hand snatched the long coat Jekyll held out and slipped it over his clear body, taking care to button it down the front. He slide the accompanying hat onto his head. "Better.  Now, to business..."

"Business?" Jack repeated.  "You have business with us?"


"Well, if you are Torchwood, and I have it on good faith you are, yes.  We're here to offer our services."

"You're looking for jobs?"  Ianto shook his head. "Not world domination, then?"

"Well, now, that might be open for discussion.  I've always rather liked ring of King Jack."

"You are king in the bedroom. That's enough."

"Only because you're my devoted courtesan, Ianto."  Jack laughed, extending his hand to Quartermain. "Welcome to Torchwood.  If you'll all follow me, we have some forms to fill out...."

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