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The Moral Of The Story

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The pair looked up from their book as Hitch stumbled into the tent, holding his nose.

"What'd you do this time?" Tully asked.

Moffitt gave Hitch a cursory glance. "Asked the wrong girl, I'd bet."

The private gave him a miffed look. "How was I supposed to know she had a boyfriend already?"

"Stop hounding girls so much. That'll solve all your problems," Tully commented. Hitch glared at him as he dabbed at his bloody nose.

"Let me do that," Moffitt offered, coming over and helping the private to clean himself up.

"She was pretty, though. Ah, careful there, that hurts."

"She didn't do that herself, did she?" Tully asked.

"No. She told her boyfriend and let him at me."


"See what I mean?"

Moffitt rose suddenly and wiped his fingers."You should be fine, but you might want a medic to check that," he said.

"What do I tell him? That I got myself punched out by someone's overprotective crony?"

"Try the old slipping and falling trick. It usually shakes off unwanted questions," the sergeant replied.

"Thanks. I'll try that." Without another word, Hitchcock rose and left to nurse his wounds in private.

As they watched him run off through the crowd, Moffitt sat back down on the bed next to Tully and picked the book back up.

"And the moral of this story is...?" he asked quietly.

"'Don't hound a girl if she's got a boyfriend'?"

"'Don't hound girls at all, especially if they do have a boyfriend.'"