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by Pirate Turner


       She trembled as the storm raged outside like a howling, ferocious beast. She tried to hold her furry head up high as the thunder roared and the winds tore at the house, causing the shutters to make an awful noise as they banged against the walls and windows. The smallest start of a whine escaped her control, and instantly he was there.

       "Pups are all tucked in," Tramp said before wrapping his front left leg around his wife. He gazed at her in great concern as he felt her trembling. "What's wrong, Pidge?"

       A bolt of lightning struck the window, and Lady cowered against her love. "Oh, Tramp!" she cried. "This storm's so horrible!"

       "Storm?" Tramp asked, his ears perked questioningly. Her breath caught, her fears beginning to subside, as he gave her one of his most brilliant smiles. "The stars are out tonight."

       Her furry brow creased as her brown eyes asked him what in the world he meant. "What . . . ?" she started to ask.

       He pulled her closer and touched her nose softly with his as he explained coyly, "I see them in your beautiful eyes."

       "Oh, Tramp!" She tossed her head and lowered it blushingly behind her long, furry ears. She looked at him from underneath her eyelashes. "You always know the right things to say."

       He used his shiny, black nose to gently nudge her head around. "That's because I speak with a heart filled with love only for you, my darling. I love you, Lady!" His pink tongue flicked out and began to lick her reassuringly.

       "I love you too, Tramp!" Lady sighed as he continued to wash her. She always felt safe in the embrace of her beloved life mate, and although the storm continued to rage outside, she was no longer scared for she had Tramp and their own storm of passion building within.


The End