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The Magic of Your Love

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The Magic of Your Love
by Pirate Turner

My Mama said I was too little;
My Daddy said my roar was too much of a mew.
My sister said my tail was neither long nor cute;
My brothers said I wasn't tough enough;
But you found no fault with me.

When our eyes first met, it was magic.
Hope filled my heart for I saw
No hatred but rather whole adoration in your eyes.
You lifted me gently into your big, blue arms,
And I knew I was home
With nothing more to ever again fear.

My only hope was for a friend;
My grandest wish was to be loved by a NeoPet
Who would care for me
And love and cherish me above all else.

At first I had trouble cuddling with you;
Books were always in the way.
I was afraid when we flew that first time,
But soon, nestled in your thick, silky mane,
I learned that there was nothing to fear
For you'd never drop me
Or let any harm befall me.

You showed me all the glories of the sky that first day,
Then curled up with me that evening
And read to me all night long.
You named me Aslan,
Honoring me with the name of
The greatest lion who ever lived.

For the first time in my young life,
I felt wanted, purrhaps even needed.
I had known I had found a home
When you first picked me up,
But when you kissed my forehead
And told me you loved me,
Before drifting off to sleep,
Still holding me tight but gently to your chest,
I realized that I had everything
I could ever want
For all my hopes, dreams, and wishes
Had been fulfilled when you
Flew into my life, loved me,
And selected me to be your PetPet.

I love you, Legolas!
Thank you for making my every dream come true!
Thank you for choosing me!
Thank you for loving me!


The End