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    Sentinel Verse where mpreg is normal. Crossover with NCIS, Numb3rs, SGA, SG-1, CSI:NY, Star Trek:TOS. Sentinels are capable of getting along, Alex had something seriously wrong with her, which is why she and Jim reacted the way they did in canon. A sentinel is born with a twin who acts as a temp guide, as the sentinel and guide mature they usually find another guide/sentinel with whom they work better, though not always (case in point for this fic, Don and Charlie). For a short time the guide in a set of twins can act as guide to both his/her sentinel and his/her twin. Hopefully their twin find’s their guide within three-six months of the guide pulling double duty, so that the guide’s sentinel doesn’t have to forcefully separate the siblings, frequently killing the sentinel!twin. The only sentinel/guide on record to have been born without a twin is Spock, it is suspected that his Vulcan and Human bloods combined to make him an unusually strong empath (a 10 on a scale of ten for Vulcans, and an 8 on a scale of 10 for Humans) instead of producing a middling sentinel-guide pair. Sentinels and their non-sibling guides usually are life partners in all senses of the word. Female sentinels go crazy, but female guides work out just fine as long as their twin wasn’t female.



    Danny (Daniel) Messer/Mac Taylor

    Don Eppes/Charlie (Charles) Eppes

    Rodney (Meredith Rodney) McKay/John Sheppard

    Jim (James) Ellison/Blair Sandburg

    Jack (Jonathan) O’Neill/Daniel Jackson

    Tony (Antony) DiNozzo/Jethro (Leroy Jethro) Gibbs

    Jim (James T.) Kirk/Spock


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