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A Powerpuff Christmas

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It was Christmas Eve in the Utonium household. Bubbles and Blossom was putting the star on top of the Christmas tree. Professor Utonium looked proudly at his girl. Soon, they floated down to the floor.

"I wish Buttercup could be here," said Bubbles.

"I agree. It isn't Christmas without Buttercup around," said Blossom. 

"You know Buttercup can't live with us since she lose her powers, months ago," reminded Professor Utonium.

"I know that she's living with Ms. Keane, pretending to be her niece, but I wish she was here," said Bubbles. She looked down to the floor. Then, Blossom looked down as well, Then, they heard a door bell ring.

"I get it," said the Professor, as he went to get the door. He opened it and what the two girls saw made them smile. Ms Keane and Buttercup was at the door.

"Come in," offered the Professor. So they did. Bubbles and Blossom came to hug their sister.

"We thought that you will never come," admitted Bubbles.

"The Professor invited Ms Keane and me to spend Christmas with you guys," said Buttercup. 

"This is a time for family. We should be together for Christmas," explained the Professor. Then, they gave a big laugh. So Christmas is saved thanks to Professor Utonium. The end, for now.