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The Rescue

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The Rescue
by CSMs Wife



Scully held her partner close.  He had saved her life -- again.  Not only that, he had take off his warm coat and put it around her.  Now exausted from the running, they both sat on the cold Antarctic land hoping someone would come.  She looked at Mulder, he was unconscious.  She looked at his forehead.  <How did he get that bruise?> She looked closer and noticed that it was a gunshot wound.  <He had been shot and he still came to get me!> She couldn't believe it at first but then she remembered, this is Fox Mulder, he would do anything for her.  The feeling was mutual, of course.  Mulder stirred and opened his eyes.  He looked up at Scully, watching her shiver.  "Are you okay, Scully?"  

She nodded, "You?"

"Yeah," he said.

She didn't believe him.  "Mulder, what about your head?"  

"What about it?  I'm fine, Scully.  Oh, the three stooges know our location so they should be here soon.  Lets hope they know that it really is from me."

She knew who he was talking about, The Lone Gunmen, Byers, Frohike, and Langly.  They were sometimes even more paranoid than Mulder.  "Fox..."  she said, hoping he wouldn't mind her calling him by his first name.  If he did, he didn't show it.  "Thank you, for coming out here to save me."

Mulder looked up at her.  "Scully, I told you that I owed you everything..."  She started to say something but let him continue.  "Don't get me wrong, that's not the only reason I came out here to save you.  I care for you so much and you hold me back and keep me honest.  I wouldn't know how to go on without you.  And, I'm not talking about working on the X-Files.  I'm talking about you being my best friend, you're all I have."  He sighed, his eyes becoming heavier.

Scully knew they were slowly freezing to death, she didn't need to be a doctor to figure that out!  "Mulder?  Mulder, can you stay awake?  You've got to try to, Mulder."

"Scully, my head hurts, I'm dizzy too."

"I know, I know,"  she said rocking him back and forth.  Scully noticed that Mulder's eyes were glazed over.  <Oh, please, don't go into shock!>  Mulder closed his eyes as a wave of nausea passed over him.  "Mulder, say something. Mulder!"  He opened his eyes, but not fully.  

Just then, a helicopter landed and six men jumped out.  Scully noticed Skinner with the Lone Gunmen and two other men.  She looked at Mulder and smiled.  But that smile faded when she realized he was unconscious again.  She grew very tired herself and closed her eyes as Frohike and Langly lifted her up.


Scully woke up two days later in a hospital.  "Ahh, Sleeping Beauty is awake," said a familiar voice.  "Hi, Frohike, where's Mulder?"  She looked to the side of her as he pointed.  

"He's been unconscious since we brought you guys in."

"Is he alright?  How did he get shot?"

"He has a slight concussion but he'll be fine.  As for what happened, I think you'd better let him tell you."  She nodded and settled in for a nap.


"Scully,"  she heard Mulder call.  "Scully."  He was sitting up in his bed trying to eat a cup of jello when she opened her eyes.  "Morning, sunshine!  Want some jello?  I think they got rid of the teeth that were floating in it."  She grimaced as he shoved a spoonful into his mouth.

"Mulder, how can you eat that stuff?  They're going to have to pump your stomach now!"

He spit it out.  "Oh, that was nasty!  I wouldn't have tried it except that I was so hungry and that's the only thing that looked remotely edible."

Scully shook her head, then looked at him seriously.  "So, Mulder, you gonna tell me what happened after that bee stung me?"

"I called 911 but apparently, the call was traced.  They took you away in the ambulance.  The--"  Scully interrupted him.  "How did you get shot, Mulder?"  He touched his hand to the bandage on his forehead.  "I'd rather not tell you, Scully."  

"Mulder, please tell me."

"Ok, ok.  After the so-called EMTs put you in the ambulance, I asked them what hospital they were going to but they wouldn't tell me.  I went to the driver's side and asked him.  I recognized him from some where.  He pulled out a gun and shot me."  Scully gasped.  "Luckily, the real ambulance came.  But it was too late, I had lost you."

Mulder went on to tell her about how his contact, Kurtsweil, was killed by the Well-Manicured Man.  "He told me where to find you and gave me the vaccine.  After I got out of the car, it blew up.  I knew he had told me the truth.  Even if I wasn't so sure I would have tried to find out."

Scully looked at him.  "Wow, you've been busy.  Mulder, thank you again.  Thank you so much for risking your life for mine."  She got up and gave him a hug.  He knew she would have done the same.