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Party of One

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Party Of One?
by Jen lmr

Rating: PG
Pairing: Starbuck/Apollo

Summary: A short and sappy birthday snippet for Rita.

Apollo made a reservation for one. He figured he may as well,
there was only one person he wanted to spend his birthday with
and it certainly wasn't his father or his sister. Also, the last
thing he needed was to be reminded of how old he was by a bunch
of drunken pilots. The person he really wanted to spend his
birthday with couldn't be here and since it was 'his' day he
definitely deserved an expensive evening of self pity.

He was most definitely feeling his age. He sighed and poured
himself another drink from the bottle of ambrosa sitting on the

As he looked around the lounge, he couldn't help but notice that
everyone else was paired up. He stifled his next sigh as he
emptied his glass, feeling even more lonely and sorry for himself
than ever.

In his current state of mind, he couldn't stop himself from
reflecting on all of the mistakes and misunderstandings that led
him to be here on this day all alone.

Regardless of his love for Boxey, Serina was definitely one of
his biggest mistakes. In retrospect, he only wanted Boxey, never
Serina. Then there was Reece, never leaving him alone, always
finding an excuse to talk to him or be around him. It was enough
to drive him mad!

Then there's Sheba. It's not like he wanted to spend his birthday
alone. At this point he would have even accepted appreciated a
dinner invitation from her. She didn't ask though. 'How pathetic
am I that I would even welcome an invitation from her.'

Once there was a cadet. A cadet that meant something very special
to him. He thought they had something special at one time.
Apparently, it wasn't meant to be.

He heaved another deep sigh and refilled his glass.


Racing into the BOQ, Starbuck virtually tore his uniform off in
his haste to meet his date. He didn't even want to think of the
consequences if he was late.

To his extreme chagrin, just as he was ready to walk out the door
he bumped directly into Colonel Tigh. Colonel Tigh wanted to have
a long and in depth talk with him about 'proper' procedures.
Starbuck tried to argue but the good colonel was having none of
it. He'd seen way too many of the blonde's little tricks to fall
for anything the wily lieutenant said.

An agonising fifteen centons later, the blond finally made his
escape and raced headlong through the corridors of the great ship
to his destination.


Apollo had finally had enough of his solo celebration and decided
to call it a night. He paid his tab, and while standing to leave
he was grabbed from behind in a forceful embrace. As he attempted
to turn to confront his attacker he heard a voice whisper softly
in his ear. "Sorry I'm late."

Turning, he came face to face with his wingmate.

"I thought you had a hot date?"

"I do," Starbuck replied mischievously, "but you're a hard man to
find. Happy Birthday!" Those were the last coherent words that
Apollo heard before his mouth was engulfed by Starbuck's kiss.