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Just For You

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Title: Just for You (AKA Rita's Snippet)
Author: Jen lmr

Date: Feb 2001
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Category: Slash
Pairing: Starbuck/Apollo

Author's notes: It's a *thank you for beta* snippet.

Summary: A Starbuck POV. An Apollo POV. Sure its been done before but not by me.

Starbuck's POV

I don't know how it all started. Not really, but I think I have a clue. I really wanted people to like me at first. It just seems to come natural. I did my best to charm everyone. It's what I do. Then, it happened.

There was only one person that I cared about that I wanted to like me. That one, the green eyes, the color of his hair. So many different shades of that color, you could lose yourself in it. I kept getting hopelessly lost in the many colors. Who'd of ever thought there'd be that many shades of brown?

I'd been thinking about this for yahrens almost. Almost...but not quite. 'Quite' would mean less. 'Quite', seems less.

You see, I not only want him. I *need* him. I've needed him since as far back as I can remember. It's only now that *need* turned into 'I'LL DIE IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU'.

*Want* is okay. I can live with want. I've been living with want for a long time. The thing that really gets to me is when *want* turns to *that need*.

*Need* is a problem. *Need* is a hunger. *Need* is hungering for that which seems unattainable.

I look at him. Sitting across the table, I could swear he looks at me with equal hunger. I drown in his eyes and I've forgotten what I was thinking.

No matter how long it takes. I'll wait. He's worth it.

Apollo's POV

I could swear he was looking at me differently today. No way! People have always teased me for being dense but any day I'd fall for *Starbuck* lusting after my body... Hahahahahaha!

He does seem more attentive lately. He wants something, I *know* he does. I just wish I knew what it was.

Probably he wants me to stake him in a game of chance. Ironically, I'd give anything to take a chance with him. I suppose... well, safer just to stake him in a game of chance.

He gives me one of those smiles that makes me think he wants money from me. I roll my eyes, and give him a properly disgusted look. Of course, then I hand over everything I have.

Well, not everything. Wish I could though. Looking over at him makes me more depressed than ever. He only has eyes for the pyramid table.

Funny though, as much time as I spend looking at those eyelashes, I could have sworn he batted them at me. AT ME! Of all people.

I know I've had a couple of more drinks than usual. Must be even more than I thought. Imagine, HIM actually batting his eyelashes at ME!!!

Must have had more to drink than I thought.

Shame though.

Both POV

The evening finally came to an end. As it turned out it wasn't an end but a beginning. Both continued to peek shyly at each other under their lashes. They sat closer than they've ever even thought of before. They both dared to brush their thighs against each other and couldn't help but flush guiltily at the sensations that moved through their bodies.

The shuttle landed in its familiar pattern on the landing bay. Nothing unfamiliar would take place on the landing bay. The only place in the universe that could possibly matter to the two warriors on this night was what would change so many things. At the same time nothing would change.

Not the end, a beginning.