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Rocky Horror Spike Show

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Rocky Horror Spike Show
by Lilithangel


"Oh how positively delicious."  The ridiculously tall 'man' (Spike wasn't going to make the call immediately) in the rather fetching corset clapped his hands and teetered over to Spike on impossible heels.  "Aren't you just a pocket full of goodness."

Spike stepped back from the outstretched hands and sneered.  "Not anyone's pocket of anything mate, let alone goodness."  He let his eyes flash yellow and the tall man squealed with delight.

"Oh you're a proper vampire.  I've wanted to meet a proper vampire since we got here.  Riff Raff, fetch a carafe of the good stuff," he yelled to a weird blond thing lurking in the corner, "Do you prefer
male or female?  I'm partial to both myself and we must get you out of those wet things," he added with a leer.

"Either's good," Spike said, slapping away curious hands.

"Yes master," Riff Raff bowed with a level of insolence that impressed Spike.

"I'm Doctor Frank-N-Furter but you must call me Frank.  Magenta, take his coat before he catches his death.  Oh wait you can't can you?"

"Name's Spike and your maid can keep her hands to herself for now," Spike looked her up and down.  She was a bit odd looking but he quite fancied redheads.

"But you can't go around dripping everywhere," Frank said, "I insist."

Spike shrugged out of his coat and handed it to Magenta.  "I'll have that back before I leave," he said.

"Sure whatever," Magenta said walking to the door and letting it drop.

Frank tucked his arm in Spike's and led the vampire away before he noticed.  "Let's find you something more comfortable," Frank purred.

Spike found himself in a room that looked like it had been mugged by a drag queen convention.  The weird Riff Raff followed with a carafe of blood and a bottle of whiskey and Spike happily downed both of them.

"You have to bite me," Frank said with delight as he watched Spike's fangs appear.

Somehow Spike found himself being laced into a black corset and slipping on a pair of black satin knickers.  Frank knelt in front of him and pulled on black fishnets, fingers lingering near Spike's crotch.

The blood and the whiskey were making his head spin pleasantly and Spike forgot about all the unpleasantness that had led to him pounding on the door to the spooky castle.  He was warm and drunk and a talented tongue was licking him through the satin knickers.  Really he wasn't at all adverse to some experimentation with a talented tongue.  Dru had vanished again and he'd searched for long enough so he figured he deserved something for his patience.

Frank was greedy and sloppy but he had so much fun that Spike couldn't help but be pulled into it.  They fucked with their corsets twisted, Frank-N-Furter humming along to a tune in his head that
reminded Spike painfully of Dru but he let Spike lead and came when Spike bit him, and was certainly ready for more when Spike was.

The redhead was as delicious as he'd expected and the other bird was particularly flexible.  The weird blond guy was interesting and particularly skilful with his mouth so Spike didn't mind the hump.  None of them tasted human but they had a pretty amazing kick.

Spike staggered out the next night with makeup still streaked on his face, a corset and a bottle of whisky under one arm.  He found his coat where Magenta tossed it and pulled on his still damp
boots.  Somebody had left a motorcycle parked out front so he took it.  There would be time enough to send someone for the De Soto when the weather eased.

The road he arrived on had a set of barriers across it so he drove through them just for fun.

He heard the rumble of motorcycles and passed a sedan crawling along in the other direction and laughed.  The occupants were in for the surprise of their lives if they sought shelter at the crazy castle on the hill.