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A Mother's Love

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A Mother's Love
by Pirate Turner


She passes through life,
Seeming not to care save for her own hide
But unable to reach those she loves.
Either due to death or her own foolishness,
She's lost them all, leaving herself alone,
Able to watch her children only from the shadows.

She has become a chameleon,
Hiding from the world,
Hiding truths from her own self,
Until her own heart is a mystery
To all, including herself.

When seldom she speaks of love and care,
None dare to believe her,
And so she silences her tongue,
Knowing to them, she'll always be
Evil, wicked, and vile.

They care naught for her,
Yet, though she's forced herself to turn away
When most they needed her,
She can not stop her mother's love
For her children who keep her at bay.

She can no more stop loving them
Than she can stop fighting for her survival
Or for a dream when mutants will rule,
Free of all hatred and prejudice,
Free to live the lives they deserve,
But in the process, she's lost that right herself
For, if ever they do call her mother again,
It will be with the acid of hatred
On their tongues
And what's even worse,
Mystique sadly admits to herself,
Is that she finds she can not blame them.

The End