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No Time for Shenanigans

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No Time for Shenanigans
By Ciejye

Jason Bolt marched his younger two bothers to the tent set up at the campsite, one work hardened hand on each of the smaller arms. He had no time for shenanigans. He had a lumber camp to run and the sooner his brothers, Joshua and Jeremy, understood that the better it would be for all concerned.

It was a hard life for anyone in the great northwest, Seattle was hardly more than a wide spot in the road, but it was home. Now with their father and mother both dead it fell to Jason at 22 had to hold the fabric of the family together. He had to run the logging operation, deal with the men AND run roughshod on his two little brothers. Jeremy was the youngest at 9, full of fun and mischief he was forever running from place to place. Looking to see what kind of trouble he could get into. Not that he ever really TRIED to get into trouble; it just seemed to follow the impetuous youth. Shy and prone to stutter, Jeremy was more at home around his family than anywhere else, but he had to be around others and often let his older brother Joshua take the lead. Josh was just 16, already capable of doing a mans day of work not that his brother permitted it yet. Blond and quiet, Josh preferred to be reading to swinging an axe. But give him a task and he stayed at it with a fierce determination that most men do not have.

The Bolt brothers owned Bridal Veil Mountain, left to them by their late parents, they each had an equal share though Jason and Mr. Cosgrove, a lawyer, kept Josh and Jeremy's shares for them. None of them could sell their share without the consent of the other two. And that meant waiting until the two younger ones were of legal age. That never bother Jason, he would as soon cut off his right arm then sell even an inch of their precious mountain. It was their life's blood, almost as precious to him as the two youngsters he towed to their fate. Jason loved his brothers fiercely, but disobedience like this was met with only ONE answer, and as much as he disliked doing it, it had to be done.

Once in the tent, he released the boys' arms. "You have one chance, ONE, to give me a good reason why I shouldn't put you over my knee and spank you until you can't sit for a week!" Jason glared at the blushing boys and sat on the edge of the bunk, his arms crossed over his massive chest. "Joshua." The single word said who it was who was to be first.

"Well Jason, you see it's this way." Josh started then stopped at his brother's glare, Jason was clearly in no mood for very sparing. Joshua stopped and hung his head. "No reason Jason, we thought it would be funny to put honey on the straps, we never though the would use them without checking. We didn't think anyone would be hurt." The two boys had played several tricks on the loggers that day, little things like salt in the coffee, sugar in the beans, nothing serious until this. They had coated one of the retaining straps used to wrap round the tree with a thin coat of honey, they thought it would just be a mess but the logger didn't check the strap and started to climb up the tree with it. The spikes dug into the tree, then the man flicked the strap up to a higher place, then dug the spikes in the tree again, walking up the tree, only the third time the honey was just right to hold on, Dan lost his grip and nearly fell, as it was he wrenched his back and could not work for the rest of the day, perhaps the rest of the week.

The moment Jason found out what happened he grabbed his brothers and with one swat to each bottom, marched them to the tent for the rest of their correction. "I see," Jason said and fixed his glare on his littlest brother. "Jeremy." He indicated it was the boys' turn to speak.

Jeremy already had tears rolling down his cheeks as he shook his head. He knew what they had done was wrong and there was no defense. "I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-s-s-s" he paused a moment to calm down "s-s-or-rr-rry J-J-J-Jason." Was all he could get out.

"I know you are Jeremy, but you can not pull pranks like that. As you both saw someone could have been seriously hurt. You have to think about what your doing." Jason hardened his tender heart for what had to come next. "Jeremy, turn around and face the wall. Do not look around." The little boy complied, as Joshua swallowed, that meant he was first. "Pants down." Jason order.

Josh nodded as his hands went to his belt, he knew that was coming, their father always spanked them bare bottom, as private as possible and always over the knee, and Jason continued on with the same thing. Josh's pants ended up at his knees way too soon for his liking and a moment later he faced the grass as he was settled over the hard broad thighs. The cool air wafted over his exposed buttocks a moment later when Jason unbuttoned the flap to his long johns. Josh grabbed the blanket and pulled it to him as he felt his big brother's arm secure around his waist. 'At least it isn't the belt' he thought as Jason's hard hand connected with his tender bottom.

The spanking was hard and long, any thoughts Josh had that he might get out of it without letting the whole camp hear his howls had long since vanished with his dignity. His bottom was in flames as his brother's hard hand cracked down again and again, painting his backside an even crimson color, including the back of his thighs where they could be seen and special attention paid to the crease. Josh kicked his feet and sobbed as if he were 5 years old again and over his father's knee for some bit of mischief. His tears soaked the blanket as he tried to wiggle away from the punishing hand. Jason had a firm hand on the struggling youth and never missed a swat.

Finally after what seemed like years to both brothers, Jason stopped and soothed his sobbing sibling for a moment. Then gently buttoned the flap and set him to his feet. Jason pulled Joshua into his arms for long hug, letting the boy cry out his sorrow on his broad shoulder, as he murmured words of forgiveness and love. All too soon for Joshua, he was released and sent to face the wall as Jason called out. "Come here Jeremy."

This was the hard part, the little boy turned around, pale faced and shaky, having heard his brother's spanking, Jason thought again perhaps he should spank his littlest brother first so he didn't have to wait. He made a firm resolve in his mind to do just that. Jeremy walked over to his big brother and stood before him, head hanging low. "Take down your pants, Jeremy." Jason ordered calmly.

Jeremy made a little sound like a whimper then tried to run for the door. Jason easily caught him around his waist and landed two solid swats on his small bottom. "Jeremy! Stop this at once!" Jason tried to contain the struggling boy. Jeremy responded instantly to the commanding tone, so much like his fathers. A soft apology was spoken before the pants ended up at his knees. "Running away never solves anything little boy, it only makes things worse." Jason scolded as he placed the lad over his knee and unbuttoned his back flap. Without a moments hesitation Jason brought his hand down on the small backside, and Jeremy howled. Jason, of course, tempered his spanks to the size of the child over his knee; Joshua could hear the difference though he was sure Jeremy wouldn't realize there was a difference at all. The small bottom quickly turned pink then red as the large hand came down again and again. Jeremy held onto the same damp blanket his brother had earlier and added his tears to it. Finally the hand the swatted his bottom stopped. "That was for the prank, if you had not tried to run this would be over little brother."

Jeremy's brain tried to understand what was just said as he realized it he felt the large hand sting his little bottom again. It was only 9 swats, but it felt terrible on his sore little backside. Finally it was all over and the hands that had punished so harshly now soothed the little boys back as the words of forgiveness and love were whispered into the brown hair. Jeremy just clung to his brother and Jason remembered again why he always spanked Joshua first. Jeremy needed the extra cuddle time after a spanking and could not be placed right into a corner. "Josh." Jason's voice was like a puff of air but immediate the teenager turned and joined the hug.

The three stayed like that for a long time, hugging and holding each other, Jason needed the connection as much as his brothers did. He took the blond and brown heads in his hands, gently forcing the boys to look at him. "I love you both very much, you know that." It was half question and half statement.

"We love you too, Jason." Joshua said softly, and Jeremy nodded and echoed his brother's words. "L-l-l-l-l-ove y-y-y-ou J-J-J-J-J-Jason."

"For the rest of the day, I want both of you cleaning all the tack at the camp." Twin groans brought a smile to his lips as Jason hugged his brothers to him again. He didn't have time for shenanigans but he always had time for hugs. They were family.