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Jane's Sexual Nightmare

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Fic Title:Jane's Sexual Nightmare
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Feedback:Yes,I want feedback.
Fandom:The Witches Of Eastwick
Other Notes:This AU story is a birthday gift for Susan Sarandon--who was born on October 4th,1946--and takes place in-between two scenes in the movie.
Disclaimer:The Witches Of Eastwick belongs to John Updike and Warner Brothers Pictures.This story is not-for-profit but I own it.
Summary:While giving a tour of the Lennox estate to some possible buyers,Jane suddenly starts remembering about a terrifying dream that she had which included a mind-controlled Alexandra and Sukie and a sinister Daryl.
Warnings:Strong language,BDSM,mind control,voyurism,transgender,graphic violence,female solo sex,female/female sex,male solo sex,male/female sex
Dedication:Happy 63rd Birthday to Susan Sarandon!--ATK 2009
Hi and welcome to our quiet little town of Eastwick,Rhode Island!It really is so good to see some nice new people in our friendly little community!Oh,my name is Jane Spofford.That's in case you folks are wondering who is showing you this wonderful house that you are...!Ahem!Cough-cough!I'm sorry.It's just that it has been quite some time since I had been inside this place and...!Look,I really do understand that this might sound to you like something out of an episode of 'Rod Serling's Night Gallery'.As a matter of fact,I personally don't know how any one of you folks could take...!

Excuse me,Miss?You happen to be a writer of supernatural fiction and had actually came to Eastwick because of a former roommate of mine whose name happens to be Sukie Ridgemont had told you about what happened when a certain eccentric stranger who happens to be known as Daryl Van Horne had moved himself into the Lennox mansion--which we happen to be standing in right now--with his personal manservent Fidel and began seducing me,Sukie and a wonderful artist friend of ours named Alexandra Medford.As a matter of fact,we all had realized that he had somehow caused poor Felicia Alden to vomit the discarded stones of the cherries that Daryl has been serving me and my friends and forced her husband Clyde to have no choice but to strike her dead with a fireplace poker.

But let me tell you right now that what that cold and heartless piece-of-shit had done to Clyde and Felicia was nothing compared to what he had done to us next!I'm sorry.I really didn't mean to sound nasty towards you nice folks.It's just that...!Oh,yes.Thanks for the tissue.Okay.I really do understand by the look of concern on each of your faces that now is the time for me to spill it and get it all out into the open.And to tell you the truth,you're right.Okay then.It was before the day after Alex,Sukie and I had rushed ourselves over to the Alden house to discover what had happened to both Clyde and Felicia that the three of us--just like almost all of Eastwick--were still asleep in our own beds without a care in the world.

Well actually,that was really not the case with me.You see,it was before my friends and I had met Daryl that I was a music teacher who was newly divorced and childless.And of course,it was because of the fact that Alex,Sukie and I had left or been abandoned by men that the three of us had unwittingly formed a coven of sorts which had consisted of weekly meetings during which we drank,played cards and shared our fantasies about what our ideal man happens to be.Anyway,after I had gotten myself into my nightgown,I had laid myself down on the bed,closed my eyes and gone right to sleep,only to have some strange human-like grunting sound wake me out of that deep sleep and shockingly discover that someone had somehow carried me out of my bedroom and into the living room,stripped off my nightgown and underwear and chained my feet to the floor and my wrists to the ceiling.

And if that was not shocking enough,I had looked at my own stomach and discovered that it had appeared that I was about seven months pregnant!And while I was trying to free myself from my bondage without any success and about to try to figure out what was going on,both Alex and Sukie had stepped into the room with only a blank stare in their eyes and not a stitch of clothing on.And just as I was about to ask the girls what was wrong with them,I had looked down and discovered that Alex had suddenly grown a huge male penis exactly where the female vagina was suppossed to be.

But just as I was suppossed to ask Alex where she had gotten that from,the only response that I had gotten from her was a hard right hand smack across the face before she had started stroking her newly-grown stiff cock and placed herself behind me.That was before I had looked at dear sweet Sukie and noticed that she had already started pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot,wet pussy and carressing her own tits with the other hand just in time for Alex to dig her sharp fingernails deep into my bare back and slash them down,causing me to have no choice but to let out a scream of intense pain.

Then,after Sukie had kneeled herself down,placed her hands on my suddenly-expanded belly and started licking on my exposed twat,Alex had taken a leather strap and placed it over my mouth before she had started humping her stone hard dick in and out of my uncovered asshole.And while I had no choice but to keep on mentally screaming my lungs out and begging both Alex and Sukie to stop fucking me and let me go,a bare-ass naked man had walked into the room with his hand on his oddly-shaped crotch and a sinister chuckle coming out of his mouth.And as he had came closer and allowed me to get a good look at him,I was shocked to discover that it was Daryl Van Horne himself.

And as soon as he had grabbed poor Sukie by the hair,pulled on it and began slamming that strange cock of his in and out of her butt-crack,that devilishly-gleefull son-of-a-bitch had stared his evil eyes at me and growled,"OOOOHHHH,YEEEEAAAAHHHH!THAT'S IT,SUKIE!SUCK THE CUM RIGHT OUT OF THAT PREGNANT COW!SUCK HER DRY WHILE ALEX FUCKS THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HER!DO IT NOW!"And after she had turned herself around and allowed Daryl to start humping his stiff rod in and out of her wet slit,my eyes had grown wide at the sight of poor Sukie's own belly swelling up as well.

Then,as soon as I had realized that the stupid piece of demonic shit was planning on getting the three of us each pregnant with his child,I had suddenly found myself having no choice but to start screaming so loudly that I had suddenly woken myself out of that horrific sexual nightmare and yelled at the top of my lungs,"GET OFF OF ME!LET GO OF ME,YOU PIECE OF SHIT!I...!"And just as I was about to say another word,I had looked around and discovered that I actually was alone and back in my own bedroom.But as soon as I had placed my hand on my chest and let out a sigh,a sudden feeling inside had insisted that I should check the one spot in-between my own legs.

And as soon as I had lifted up my nightgown and peeked inside my panties,I was shocked to discover that I had already came.And after I had removed my nightgown,I had looked at the back of it and shockingly discovered that there was blood on it.And it was because of all of those clues that I had no choice but to just sit on my bed with my arms on my legs and the look of pure terror on my face through the rest of the night!At first,I had been unable to tell Alex and Sukie about my dream on the very next day.But that was before the three of us had horrifically discovered that we were each pregnant with his child and decided to use the powers that he had taught us to get rid of that son-of-a-bitch!

And believe it or not,we had successfully done that with a final spell that had involved the manipulation of a Daryl-shaped voodoo doll and the very trick that he had used on poor Felicia through Alex,Sukie and me.What's that,Ma'am?Oooohhhh,yes!I get a postcard from both Alex and Sukie all the time.Just recently,I had gotten one from Alex which had said that both she and her beautiful baby boy are now happily living in Los Angeles and getting some sun.As for Sukie,she had finally gotten herself settled into a Manhattan apartment within New York City and made a truly good life for herself and her kids.Oh,and as for that certain horny little devil himself,I really do hope that he goes right straight back to hell and keeps getting his manhood smashed into tiny pieces for all I care!So,who wants to see the rest of the manor house?

Well,that's the story that I'm submitting to your website!
Hope you'll enjoy it!
--Andrew Troy Keller