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Dizzy Lizzy

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This was wrong. She shouldn't feel like this. Miranda was her friend. Her best friend, for Christsake! And they both liked...Ethan! The blonde high school god. So there was no reason for the weird feeling in her head or the lower warm one in her...

And she knows that it's wrong. For so many reasons. Besides, if she was really going to crush on one of her friends, it'd be Gordo, wouldn't it? Because he did have that cute, deep, caring thing going for him, not to mention he was a guy. Yeah. A guy. So whatever she felt when she looked at Miranda has to be just a thing. A reaction that shouldn't happen, but did, and if she ignored it, it'd go away. Because girls didn't like girls. Just ask anyone. Sure, there was that thing, back in grade two, or whatever, when she and Kate would practice kissing all recess under the playground jungle-gym, and she'd feel funny in her chest, but that was because she was little and didn't know better.

And besides, as they dance together, the music pounding through them, the crushed feeling that makes her feel so dead inside when she see Miranda and Ethan looking at each other like that, is because she wants him, not her.

Why is everything so complicated?