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Happy Birthday Joxie

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Ares agreed with his daughter. He also shared a look with his Apollo, the pair had heard Joxer's thoughts and realized just how badly they had messed up. Neither god had wanted Joxer to think he was only an incubator and a bed warmer. They hoped that the birthday party made up for the way they had panicked.

Cupid growled and stepped in front of his husband when the elder goddesses arrived again. Hestia sighed and wondered again why she ever allowed Hera and the others to go along with the separation. She was glad that Joxer expelled them from the temple before the other women could try to act on her suggestion. Hestia did not pause; she stepped away from the others and walked over to position herself in front of Apollo and Joxer. "I allowed you to sway me once into making a cruel separation. I won't do it again Hera. The child doesn't want to leave his husbands."

The room went quiet with shock as Hestia's words filled the temple. Cupid looked at his great-aunt in surprise. Then Dite and Eris were in front of the pair as well. "We've lost our boys by following your orders, we won't lose Joxie too," Dite told her sister.

Hera had the grace to blush and nod. "Joxer won't be going anywhere," she soothed.

Apollo and Ares smiled in response. They were startled by a sudden mental call from Xena and Gabby. "Dads! Help!" With a flex of power the two women appeared in the temple. They were laden down with gifts, and hurriedly dumped them into their cousins' arms. Phobos and Demios snorted out their amusement.

Xena saw Joxer first. She scowled when she saw the circles under his eyes and growled at the pain lines bracketing his mouth. Gabby was going to go ballistic. "What's wrong with Joxer? He looks sick. Why didn't you call us? What the hell is going on? Auto, get your ass over here!" Gabby growled as she stalked over to her father and Joxer. Auto flashed in a few seconds later and followed her over.

All around them gods and goddesses alike were shifting nervously. Gabby and Auto were going to go on a rampage. "Well?" Gabby growled at Cupid who was closest to the pair.

Cupid gulped and blurted out, "Joxie's uncomfortable cause of his pregnancy. He was going to go see you a few days ago, so the Dads chained him up, then Mom and the elder goddesses said they were going to take Joxie away and he spit us out of the temple, then he fell asleep and dropped the shield." It may have been pathetic to fear her, him being a senior god, but well she was vindictive, especially when it came to Joxer.

Auto, Gabby and Xena all looked at Apollo and Ares in silence. Then Xena shook her head. "Dads, you shouldn't have chained him up. It brings up bad memories. The guys that killed him, chained him up. His Dad used to do it too right before he beat him. If you didn't want him to go, all you had to do was ask him. He would do anything for the two of you."

Ares and Apollo groaned. "We panicked. If we lost him it would kill us. I mean we know he's a god, but he's vulnerable right now and it scared us when he was headed down to see you in Thrace," Apollo answered for them.

"You did the right thing," Gabrielle said and turned back to her cousins. Not noticing the shocked looks on the faces of those around them. "Alright you two, don't just stand there, we've got a party to finish preparing." She then goosed Demios, making him hurry down the corridor. The minute she started talking Phobos started walking. He was well acquainted with his cousin's form of motivation and really didn't want to get goosed.

Once Gabby was on her way down the hall, the others let out a sigh of relief. Auto grinned evilly and thought it was funny that most of the gods in the room were intimidated by a demigod. Not that he would ever admit to fearing the blonde himself.

Xena beamed at her fathers and went over to Joxer. They all watched as she brushed a gentle kiss over his brow and went towards the meeting hall that they were preparing for Joxer's birthday.

With a few hours of sleep he would be ready to enjoy his party the next day. As she passed Cupid and Strife she glared at her brother and smiled at Strife. "Make sure he rests Cupid," Was all she said. Cupid sighed and rolled his eyes.

None of the gods had been prepared for the fanatical guarding that Joxer and Strife had received from the four demigods and Auto. The only one not to incur their wrath was Hades, but that was because he gave Joxer back his life, and was himself a new father.

Pep, Joxer and Strife were the first gods to become pregnant since the whole Psyche incident, and Apollo thought the reason she had become pregnant was because she was outside the pantheon. Now that Zeus' madness had been cured, more gods and goddesses were trying to have godly children.

It all boiled down to Joxer facinating Hectate, and her answering his request for help. It was still stunning. Especially since he was the only one in the entire pantheon that didn't fear her.


end part 2