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The Right Bubble

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The Right Bubble
by Pirate Turner


        "You know he once told me my eyes were as green as a frog?"

        "As a frog?" She snickered. "He never has been romantic!"

        "Oh, I don't know about that," he returned, his tail cutting through the air with a snap. "He can bounce and flounce with the best of them!"

        "Not our Shere Khan!"

        "Yeah," he nodded, "ours."

        "How . . . ?"

        "You just need the right bubble."


        He nodded, a sly grin lifting his dark and masculine features. "Just the right bubble of catnip."

        "Details! Details! You've got to give me all the details of your night with him!"

        "Keep dreaming." Bagheara walked away laughing.


The End