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    Author's Note: "Hellblazer" is one of the great adult graphic series of our time. John Constantine, the anti-hero, is a washed-up British rock-band front man with a penchant for magick. He grudgingly goes out involving himself in occult crimes, and frequently winds up in bad situations with demons, vampires, and assorted magickal entities, most of whom don't like him. Everything mentioned about him here is canon, right down to having cured his lung cancer with a transfusion of demon blood. Ellie, who appears briefly, is a lapsed demon who is a friend of his. Constantine, "Con-job" to friends and detractors alike, is also openly bisexual.
    Author's Note Two: Most of the grimoires and other books in this story are not only real but on my bookshelves. The grimoire of Gilles de Rais is not real on this plane and is, I hope, quite unavailable on any other ones, either. The ritual of "The Order of the Black Sun," a non-existent occult lodge, is based on the published rituals of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. No unpublished occult ritual or other private materials are used in this story.