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I Saw 'Nara Kissin' Cap'n Mal

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A "Firefly" Christmas Filk
Written by Alison M. DOBELL

"I saw 'Nara kissin' Cap'n Mal
Underneath the walkway late last night
They didn't see me creep
From the engine room to peek
Thought that I was tucked up in my
little bunk asleep.

Oh I saw 'Nara with her smilin' eyes
Usin' all them wiles without a care
Oh what a thing it was to see
Them two sweet as can be
An' 'Nara kissin' Cap'n Mal last night!

Then I saw Jayne a-creepin' on the stair
Tryin' oh so hard to do it right
I saw him damn near creep
To River's bunk to sneak
A look upon that lady while she was
so fast asleep.

An' I saw somethin' that I never guessed
Heart stoppin' as I looked on in surprise
For draped across his back
Was the biggest gorram sack
Filled with presents for the Christmas

A noise below made me go sneakin' back
Lookin' down on Simon all so *swai*
With Shepherd Book and Wash
All the trimmin's out because
It was Christmas Eve an' too much time
had all been lost.

Then I saw Zoe join the rest below
Cap'n an' 'Nara comin' too
Jayne joined them with a smile
An' the presents all were piled
Underneath the Christmas tree last night!

Eyes bright I couldn't tear myself away
Then I heard the Cap'n softly speak
'Little Kaylee, River too
Got no family but you
A Christmas celebration is the only thing
to do.'

Tears bedimmed the cryin' of my eyes
T'was true I missed my daddy an' my ma
Ain't no baby but I see
I got this family
Makin' Christmas in the Black for me!"