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Adam's Universe: Touch Not the Cat

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"Thanks, Joe. For everything. Hank says he hasn't heard a thing about Kalormas. Not on any level. Government, religious, or personal."

"Oh, you heard from him? We got one of those too. From his girlfriend. Yes, Grace."

"He called Mayleet? Well, I didn't know they'd spent time together. In Nepal? Oh."

"Ramses and Julie ended up on Bora Bora. Something about snow in Tibet."

"Connor? Still with Elliott, I guess. Haven't heard from them except for a postcard. From Disneyland."

"Yes, you heard right. Disneyland. Anaheim. The original."

"Who knows? They might make it up to Seacouver."

"We're fine, Joe. Truly. Give me a couple of days and I'll write it all up for you. Yes, as much as I can. As much as I know. I don't always lie, Joe."

"Sometimes I dissemble."

"Night, Joe. Take care. Duncan says goodnight too."

"I will."

Methos set the receiver into it's cradle and then rolled onto his lover. He kissed the man hungrily.

The Scot finally pulled away so he could breathe. "What the hell was that all about?"

Methos grinned. "Joe. And Mayleet. She was... Um..."

MacLeod started to laugh. "Phone sex? Or rather, sex while he was on the phone?"

"In the extreme. God, Mac, I could hear her. and every once in a while I was pretty sure I was losing Joe." Methos joined his lover in laughter. "See, I told you she would be good for him."

"Yes, you did. And I'm glad." He snagged his lover and pulled him into his embrace. "And I'm glad we're home. And everyone is safe." He leaned his head on Methos' chest. Just to listen to his beating heart.

"So, are you done with your phone calls?"

"Yes. For tonight. The rest can wait. Why?"

"Because, Methos, I want some peace and quiet."

"Humph. Boring..."

"You think so?" The Scot turned his head and nipped at the nearest nipple. Then he turned his big brown eyes on his lover.

Methos groaned, and reached into the spill of dark hair. "Well, maybe not."

"Good. I want you to teach me to do that thing you did on the plane."

"Oh." The old immortal rolled onto his back and stared up into the dark.

MacLeod leaned away in surprise. "Methos, what..." He was confused. He thought Methos had enjoyed...

"Um, just thinking, Mac. That's a rather complicated technique. I don't know if I can teach it to you...just like that. It might take..."

The Scot began to grin. So, the old bastard wanted to play. Well, that was just fine with him.

"Sorry, Methos," he said softly. "If you don't think you're up to it. I mean, after all the other excitement...

"If you're too tired..." The Scot leaned over Methos and kissed his shoulder.

"Oh, it's not that. It's just that it took, oh, a millennia to get it right. Think we have that much time, Duncan?"



Methos had the sangria chilling, along with the ingredients for margaritas and the obligatory beer. The salsa was whirring away in the food processor, and the chips were in baskets.

"Duncan! Will the grill be ready...?"

"Methos, you always assume the worst. Of course it's ready."

"Good, they're here." Methos buzzed their guests in, and went over to the lift to greet them. Cindy sauntered after him. As was her norm since their return, she kept close to Methos.

"Dana, Fox, glad you could make it." He greeted them each with a hearty handshake. "What can I get for you?" He held up his own glass of sangria.

Then the Scott came in from the balcony. "Great timing. I was just about to put the steaks on." He was glad to see the young mortals.

When they all had their drinks the Scot called them out to watch him cook, and Methos brought out the rest of the meal. Cindy sat on the arm of Scully's chair and helped her drink her sangria until Methos caught her at

"I see your Mr. Skinner didn't do too much ass-chewing," MacLeod said with mock relief.

As a matter of fact, the Highlander had heard from a reliable source that they had both received praise from the CDC and the Egyptian government. The agents had been instrumental in putting shreds of information found at
Kalormas' abandoned palace together. And finding his real base of operation.

"Yes...Duncan." Scully bit off the 'sir' that threatened to slip out. "He went easier on us once he found out the information that sent us to Alexandria was planted by someone in Washington. Someone who had been working directly with Kalormas."

"We'll be investigating this mess... Well, until something bigger comes along," Mulder said with a sigh. He finished his beer, and Methos brought him another.

"And you know, neither of us can remember much about that night," Mulder continued. "Just bits and pieces. Like, being taken to the temple. And chained up. Then Adam and a woman coming in."

The two immortals exchanged relieved glances. Mayleet had spoken with them before they had left.

"And then some kind of ritual started. And... Well, I think I remember shooting. And a sandstorm..."

"Fireworks," Scully added suddenly. "Had to be fireworks. There wasn't any electricity out there."

Methos nodded. "Well, you two seem to remember quite a bit. Maybe you weren't affected by the herbs as much as the rest of us." He would be eternally grateful to all the gods--each and every one--that they'd had such an easy out in this situation.

The Highlander nodded. "I'm glad it all ended well. Now maybe we can get back to normal?" He turned back to the grill. And missed the looks on the three faces that were staring at him in bemusement.



Methos went around the loft making sure things were off that need to be off. Checked the security system. Locked up the lift. Then he grabbed a couple of beers and went out to the balcony.

He stopped just inside the french doors and looked out at the city. But only for a moment. He much preferred the sight of Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. The Scot was thoughtfully rubbing Cindy's head.

The old man was standing there, had been standing there for a couple of minutes, when Cindy looked up at him. MacLeod followed her gaze and smiled. He held out his hand to his lover and Methos went to join them on the double chaise.

He stretched out on his side next to MacLeod and sighed.


"Oh, nothing. Really, Mac. Just finally winding down." He stretched. And yawned.

"It was good to see them again, wasn't it."

"Um. Yes. They're quite a team."

They were silent for a long time.



"Thank you."

"Mac?" Methos raised up so he could look at his lover. His lover. Sometimes he couldn't believe that they were together. After all the nightmares and sorrow and anger.

"Thank you for letting me share your life." The Highlander took a deep breath. "All this time... I don't know how you put up with me."

"Mac?" Methos sat up.

The Scot pulled him back down into his arms. "I've been so wrapped up in other crap. In my own life. When I saw you with your friends. Methos, it just hit me. All of a sudden, that you had a life...have a life of your own."


"Shh. Let me finish. Please." MacLeod unconsciously tightened his grip on his lover.

"You're a doctor, Methos." He put a finger on the ancient man's lips to still them. "I... I've been doing some checking. Why didn't you tell me you were volunteering at the free clinic? For months, Methos. I never knew?"

"Or, how about the kids reading program at the library? Or the research you've done for the human genome project? Or that you helped get the funding to revamp the homeless shelter?"

"Mac... Duncan..." Methos looked at his lover helplessly. "I've been doing stuff like that for... For a long time. Payback, MacLeod. It's just payback."

"Maybe so." The Scot was quiet for a long time.

"So, are you going to introduce me to your friends?"

"If you want." The ancient immortal didn't sound very sure.

"I do. I think it's time I stepped into Adam's universe. Don't you?"

"Well, maybe."

"So, can I actually meet the people you work with at the college?"

Methos snorted. "I think that can be arranged. After all, they let me bring Cindy..."

It took a moment for the comment to sink in. "Why you..."

Laughing, Methos rolled out of MacLeod's arms and off the chaise. Cindy jumped into the clear off the end, and the Scot went after Methos.

He tackled his lover, and carried him over his shoulder to the bed and tossed him down. Then crawled between his legs.

"Are you saying I'm your pet?"

"Maybe? You want the job?"

The Scot sat back. "Considering they way you treat that damn cat?" He laughed as Methos glared up at him. "Hell yes!" He grinned as the green sparks began to light in his lover's eyes. He leaned forward again and kissed Methos.

When they finally broke apart Methos nodded. "Well, I have to say your kisses are a little more...stimulating..." His hands explored under MacLeod's tee shirt, and the Scot reciprocated.

"And what else can I do better," the Highlander growled.

"Cook. She can't cook."

"You bastard."

"Yow! And you bite harder too!" Methos looked down at his now bare chest and the red mark of possession his lover had left. He thought about retaliation, but MacLeod's mouth was dipping lower as his jeans were slowly
being eased down his legs.

"Ah, god, Duncan." Methos clutched the Scot's head as he felt the warmth of his mouth on him. "I want you..." He felt his lover move away.

"You have me, Methos. Heart, body and soul."

"I do love you, Duncan."

"I know."

"Good, now finish what you were doing so I can have my turn."
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Cindy looked up at the full moon as it shone into her window. She knew her men were asleep. They were making different noises now.

She padded over to the bed and jumped up and walked over to her forest-man. He was laying on top of the sheets, and she settled briefly beside him. But then he rolled in his sleep, so she moved over to her desert-man.

Delicately, she nudged her way beneath the covers and settled against his chest.

Happy. She was happy. Her men were happy. Purring contentedly she closed her eyes and joined them in sleep.



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