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Adam's Universe: Touch Not the Cat

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"Madison Square," Methos told the cab driver.

"What? Not Broadway?"


"Aren't we going to see 'Cats?' I thought we were going to see the show?"

Methos lounged against the door of the cab. "MacLeod, we're going to see *the* cats. The International Cat Show." He grinned. "And 'Cat's' closed, MacLeod. There's another big ticket now."

"Methos, seriously. A cat show?"

Methos pointed toward the marquee.

"You weren't kidding."

"No, of course not." Methos thoroughly enjoyed having MacLeod just a slight bit off-balance. He was smiling as he paid their entry and went into the hall.

MacLeod looked around. "So, what do we do now?"

"We look." Methos glanced over at his lover.

"Oh?" The Highlander was immediately suspicious. "And what are we looking for?"

Methos shrugged. "Just looking. Come on." He started down one of the rows lined with fancifully decorated cages.

Tense at first, the longer they walked the more relaxed MacLeod got. He thought it was silly, but a harmless past time. Maybe Methos didn't have an ulterior motive--this time. He turned to make a comment...

"Oh, no," he sighed. Methos was making straight for...

"Is that a cat?"

"Of course it's a cat!" The words were uttered by several people besides Methos.

"They're Sphynx," Methos muttered. "I've never seen one before. Only heard about them."

MacLeod recognized the tone, the look. "No Methos. No cats."

"I know." The older immortal sighed. The idea of a jet-set immortal with a cat It was easier to take a sword across international borders than a pet. He went over to one of the cages. It was a compulsion. He couldn't help himself. He was simply drawn to the exotic look of the hairless breed.

"Could I...?"

The lady breeder turned and looked up, and up, at the tall young man. "Oh. Yes. Definitely." She smiled. Then handed him a bottle of hand sanitizer.

She turned to one of her decorated cages and brought out a young female cat. She was mostly white, with black markings and large green eyes. The woman put the cat into Methos' arms.

"Her name is Cindy, and this is her very first show."

Methos was...enthralled. The cat was a real beauty. And so fragile looking. But strong. Much stronger than he'd anticipated. It flashed into the immortal's head--like a sword sheathed in velvet. "Cindy," he whispered. And the cat looked up into his eyes. She stretched up in his arms and put her paws on his chest. And delicately rubbed her head along his jaw.

"They have a unique personality," the breeder was saying. "Very people oriented."

She turned back to Methos and Cindy. The cat was nuzzling his neck and delicately kneading his shoulders. It looked like she was hugging him.

And Methos... He looked at his lover. Then he very deliberately and carefully handed Cindy back to the woman.

"Um. Thanks."

The woman looked at him. She knew the look. She handed him a card. "If you ever..."

Methos nodded. "Thanks. But I don't think so." But he took the card anyway.

He walked away quickly. And MacLeod had to hurry to catch up to him.
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Methos was sprawled on the couch. MacLeod lounged in front of the fireplace. They hadn't spoken much since arriving home.

"Want to watch TV?" MacLeod sat up and looked over at Methos.

"Um." Without looking up Methos turned another page in his novel.

"Movie." The Scot started crawling toward the couch.

"Un uh." Just a bare shake of the head.

"Bed?" MacLeod leaned over and took the book out of Methos' hands.


MacLeod laughed as he got to his feet and pulled his lover up with him.
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +



"What was it,about the cat? You looked..."

Methos turned so he could gaze at his lover. "You didn't hold her, Mac. You just don't know. All warm, velvet soft skin. That slides over hard muscles." He ran his hands over the Scot's chest.

"She reminded me"
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Sunday morning. Methos decided he wasn't getting out of bed unless someone forced him. And there was only one person who could do that.

Still. He reached across the bed and found nothing!

"MacLeod?" His shout echoed loud in their loft. Then he felt the presence of his lover.

"Did you go out for breakfast? I hope you got something besides healthy crap. You know, something I might like."

Methos lounged back among the pillows. Maybe he could get MacLeod to feed him breakfast in bed.

"Well, Methos, I think I got something you might like."

The Highlander reached the sleeping alcove and dropped a small brown bag on the bed, then sat beside his lover. "Go ahead, open it."

Methos smiled and sat up. He opened the bag and found a plastic bag inside. A bag full of... "Mac! What is this, did you go out and buy pot!"

MacLeod started laughing. "Hardly, Methos. It's catnip."


"Yeah, I thought she might like it."

He opened his coat to reveal a peacefully sleeping ball of white and black body, legs, tail, and ears.



"I love you."

"I know."

"Now, give me my cat!"