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Echo's in Moonlight

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Chapter 3

Joel avidly watched the two men introduce themselves. He had never seen Jim Ellison this friendly with anyone before, it usually took the tacturn Detective quite some time before he warmed up to people and even with time you were not guaranteed he wouldn’t bite your head off. Joel’s head swung from side to side not wanting to miss anything when as both men shook hands Blair paled, he jumped forward to help his smaller friend who was obviously in distress. “Hey Blair?” Joel quietly caught his friend’s attention, “Come with me, I have an interview room set aside for us to use, it looks like you could use a drink my friend.” With this said, Joel led Blair into a small room just outside of Major Crimes. Jim, intrigued by Blair’s response to him, followed both men into the room and stood leaning against the wall by the door. Once Joel had Blair sitting in a chair next to the table, he rushed from the room to get his friend a drink. Jim narrowed his eyes as he scrutinised the younger male sitting in front of him shaking with reaction to their hand shake.

Jim really wanted to imprint the long haired young man, the Sentinel inside was screaming at him to just snatch him up and run home and never let him out of his sight. Battling hard with himself Jim calmed down and prepared to wait, he had a feeling that there was more going on with Blair than was at first sight, maybe something to do with the Barnes bitch? Just then, Joel re entered the room with mugs of coffee for all three men. Placing the mugs down on the table, Joel shot a sharp look at Jim and flicked his eyes at the third chair across the table from himself and Blair. Slowly moving further into the room, Jim moved the chair away from the table and sat down. With an intense expression on his face he placed a file he brought with him on the table.

Blair wasn’t doing to good. The large Detective was an unclaimed Sentinel just like Alex was! Where as with Alex, Blair had only gotten the barest hint of a tingle, with Detective Ellison it was like he had been given a large electric shock! Blair struggled to hold his panic at bay, he wanted nothing more than to jump up out of his chair and run, where he would run to he didn’t know but it had to be better than staying here near the Sentinel. Just as Blair was about to get up, Joel came back into the room and gave him a mug of coffee. Knowing he would not be allowed to leave now, Blair took a sip and placed the mug down on the table. Seconds later he nearly jumped out of his skin when a file was placed on the table by someone other than Joel. He had been so caught up with what had happened he didn’t realise someone else was in the room with them. Lifting his head, Blair gulped as he realised that the Detective had followed him and Joel into the room, not what he wanted by a long shot. Swallowing again nervously, Blair’s eyes darted around the room as he started to hyperventilate. Joel very quickly caught on to the fact his friend was starting to panic, crooning softly like he was trying to get near a skittish animal, he slowly inched closer to Blair. Jim watched in concern as Blair started to panic, he had never had to deal with someone having a panic attack before and was unsure what to do.Joel, with time and patience, had managed to get right up to Blair and had his arm around the young man's shoulder and was stroking his long hair trying to comfort him. He wasn’t to sure what had set Blair off into a full scale panic but unless he calmed down soon he would pass out. Lifting his head, Joel spoke to Jim. “Jim. I need you to go into my top drawer of my desk and bring me the brown paper bag that is there, I am going to need it quick to calm his breathing down.”

Jim got up as quickly as he dared, not wanting to startle the man any more than necessary, and ran into the Bull Pen. Barging past his colleagues he raised a few shouts as he tore into Joel’s desk looking for the paper bag. Finding it he ran out shouting sorry to his fellow Detectives. As he ran back into the room containing his Guide, all his instincts were screaming at him to find a way to calm the distraught man down.Rushing back into the room, Jim thrust the paper bag into Joel’s hand then moved behind Blair to support the flagging young man.

Joel put the paper bag over Blair’s mouth and quietly instructed Blair to take deep breaths. It took roughly twenty minutes for Blair to calm down enough so as Joel thought they would actually get some sense from the distraught young man.

“Ok Blair, are you going to tell me what brought that on?” Joel asked his friend.

Blair really wasn’t sure what to tell Joel as he was pretty confident he would be thought of as a nutcase, well more so of one than what he already was.

“I don’t know,” Blair replied still shaking his head.Jim watched the young Guide closely for any more signs of distress. He wasn’t sure as to why he had ended up with a full scale panic attack but he did have his suspicions and only asking the right questions would get him the answers he needed.

Joel looked rather sceptically at Blair at his comment, but decided against confronting him just yet. Heaving a large sigh, Joel settled down to getting the answers needed on finding Alex Barnes. Pulling out the paperwork from the files Jim had brought with him, Joel sorted through until he came to the latest Intel from Sierra Verde.

“Blair, we got word through New Mexico authorities that Alex has been spotted down in Mexico, Sierra Verde to be exact. Do you have any idea as to why she would be there of all places?” Looking down at the papers Joel had placed in front of him, he spread them out to get a better idea of what was going on. He wasn’t prepared though to see the full colour picture of Alex speaking to someone who had their back to the camera. Her face was still beautiful yet the expression she wore was spiteful. How had he missed the fact she always had a spiteful look on her face? Blair’s breathing sped up as he looked at the latest picture of Alex Barnes, but luckily he didn’t have another panic attack.

Jim watched Blair’s face like a hawk, he also ‘listened’ to his heart beat, that would give him a better insight into what ever it was that was bothering the younger man. As Blair came across the picture of Barnes, Jim noticed his heart speed up and the strong scent of fear invaded the small room. Jim didn’t like the fact the young Guide was afraid of this woman and things started to fall into place. Barnes had always been one step ahead of the police no matter what they did, could she be a Sentinel? That would explain Blair’s near collapse after he had shook hands with Jim and the subsequent panic attack, it would also explain how she stayed one step in front of the police. Jim didn’t like what he would have to do next, he knew this could push the young Guide to far and he may lose the chance of bonding fully with him if he didn’t word this exactly right. Plus he would have to take Joel into his confidence over being a Sentinel, Jim knew that Joel would keep his secret for him no matter what.

Looking at Blair, Jim catalogued everything about him as he mulled over whether or not to ask if Barnes was a Sentinel or not. Blair was young early to at the most mid Twenties, he had curly brown hair with reddish highlights which ended half way down his back. He was clean shaven and had the brightest blue eyes he had ever seen on anyone. His own icy blue eyes narrowed as he scrutinised the young Guide's face. There were lines around his eyes that spoke of constant pain and Jim had noticed the limp he had which the younger man had tried to disguise by moving carefully yet slowly trying to hide what could been seen as a disadvantage.

There were minuscule scars near the hairline on the left side of Blair’s face and Jim knew that he had undergone extensive surgery to correct the damage done by a rather vicious beating by Barnes and one other assailant. Jim was also unhappy that parts of Blair’s file was blanked out and that could only mean a couple of things, he hoped it wasn’t the case of Blair being a rape victim as that would make things so much harder for him in getting close to Blair.

Taking a deep breath, Jim let it out in a sigh and looked at Blair unhappily. “Joel, I have some questions to ask Blair and you are going to be confused by them, just bear with me and I will explain everything after ok?” Joel looked at his friend and saw the serious expression on his face and just nodded his head in agreement. Blair, on hearing the bigger man speak, looked up from the paperwork. What was said began to make Blair really uncomfortable and nervous, he had an idea what the big Detective wanted to ask.Jim sat down in the chair across from Blair and looked him straight in the eye.

“Was Alex Barnes a Sentinel?” Jim asked bluntly.

Blair reared back in shock at the rather blunt question, trembling even more. He nodded his head not trusting himself to speak.

“Well damn, so that explains how she stayed ahead of us.” Jim replied in a quiet voice.

Joel looked on in confusion, not understanding what a Sentinel was supposed to be.

Jim expression became rather grim, taking another deep breath he asked Blair, “did she try and bond with you?”

Blair whimpered as his face turned stricken, “Yes,” was his whispered reply.


Jim leaned back in his chair and wiped a hand down his face. “I’m sorry Chief, but I have to know if she succeeded?”

Blair’s head dropped down onto his chest as he took a few shuddering breaths to try and centre himself. Looking up at Jim he answered in a stronger voice “No I didn’t let her bond, not that she didn’t try her hardest, something was missing, I think she is damaged somehow.”

This was the longest Blair had spoken since he had arrived at the police station that morning and his frank answer, nearly stunned Jim.

Joel was puzzled by Blair’s admission so asked, “What do you mean she is damaged Blair, do you mean mentally unstable? If so we already knew that.”

Blair shook his head in the negative, “No Joel, a Sentinel will always try and bond to a Guide if that Guide hasn’t already bonded, when Alex tried to bond with me there was something missing, I don’t think she is capable of bonding, after all a Sentinel is supposed to be a protector, not an antagonist.”

Jim nodded his head in agreement, “Incacha told me he was only a helper not a full Guide when I met him in Peru, He told me all the Sentinel lore and it happened before in the past. Sometimes a Sentinel is born and is twisted somehow and that is what I think has happened to Barnes, if that is the case then I have only one recourse left to me.”

Joel fearing the answer Jim meant asked anyway, “What recourse Jim?”

With a grim look, he answered, “She has to be killed, I have no choice in the matter. All twisted Sentinels are killed as it is more humane in the long run than to let her suffer her senses running rampant. It is also better for everyone else if she is put down, she is a major threat to all life. Normal Sentinels revere all life, twisted detest it and seek any means to destroy as many people as possible.”


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