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Echo's in Moonlight

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Title : Echo’s in Moonlight

Author : Lexy

Pairing : Jim/Blair

Warnings : This chapter non

Disclaimer : I have not now, or ever owned Jim or Blair, they belong solely to pet fly *sobs* I promise to put them back in their playpen when I’m done with them! …. Honest

Many Thanks go out to Corwalch who did a wonderful Beta job correcting all my many mistakes.


Chapter One : Play time is over



It was the middle of the night and the full moon was hidden from sight by thick black clouds. The threat of rain was heavy in the air as the wind picked up speed. Blair Jacob Sandburg was 27 and had been a teaching fellow at Rainer University, with a Masters degree in Anthropology and was well on his way to getting his Doctorate, before he met Alex Barnes. Now, he was just another homeless person wandering the streets of Cascade.

Blair had thought that maybe with Alex, he had what he needed to finish his thesis on Sentinels, what a laugh that turned out to be! The woman, although beautiful was a first class menace and psychopath all rolled into one neat pretty little package. He could honestly say he was lucky to be alive. Sighing heavily, Blair tried to get warm in his threadbare coat as the temperature continued to drop. He needed to find shelter of some kind and soon, or he would most likely freeze to death.

Walking as fast as he could given his bad limp, Blair hurried down toward the waterfront looking for the warehouses that had been taken over by the homeless for shelter. No one minded the large populace of vagrants using the empty rundown warehouses, it kept them all in one neat package away from sight and mind of the tax paying denizens of Cascade city. This also allowed the police to find them easily if they were needed for any reason after all they were regularly used in police line ups getting a free hot drink and meal out of Cascade’s finest.

Blair sighed again, the pain in his right hip and knee were getting bad, but since he didn’t have any money he couldn’t get the necessary painkillers and anti inflammartories he needed to deal with the damaged joints he now had, courtesy of one Alex Barnes.

Clad in dirty torn jeans, sneakers that had seen better days and a flannel shirt under a threadbare coat, Blair was looking real scruffy. He hadn’t shaved in nearly a month and his hair was a filthy rats nest that hung half way down his back, since he hadn’t been able to get it cut.

All in all, he was miserable, inside and out.

Finally reaching his destination just as the heavens opened, he slipped inside one of the more rundown warehouses on the waterfront. Limping over towards the back where a drum with wood was burning, he nodded at the men and women gathered around the fire.

One young woman broke away from the rest and slipped her arm around Blair’s waist. "Come on honey, let’s get you warm." the softly spoken words were in a British accent and belonged to Midge, an immigrant who had fallen prey to legalized prostitution. To escape the horror her pimp had put her through, she chose to live on the streets where at least she knew she wouldn’t end up with AIDs.

Smiling at Midge, Blair leaned into the support offered to him by his best friend and confidant, as she guided him closer to the fire.

Beaming at Blair, Mack, a six foot seven inch black man who rarely spoke, stood up from an old plastic chair and pushed it towards the limping younger man. Mack had a rather deep booming voice and no matter how hard he tried, he could not speak softly. With a grateful smile, Blair sank into the chair he’d been offered and for the first time that night, relaxed.

Macy, was a gentle Mexican lady of unknown age, she had a graceful air about her that was enhanced by fluffy grey hair. Smiling softly at the two youngest members of the group, she told them the news she had heard earlier on the street. "Blair, hijo di me Corazon, word is out that the policia are looking for you again, they say the Demonio has struck again and they want you to come in with any information on her whereabouts."

Blair shuddered as he thought back to that fateful night almost 12 months ago. He had agreed to meet Alex for some more tests, not realizing that she had someone else with her waiting for him. That night would forever be burned into his memory, he was lucky to be alive after all the torture Alex and her unknown friend had inflicted on him, hence his limp. It had taken her less then 24 hours to completely ruin what was once a promising career and what was left of his life. Blair would never be able to get a reputable job as Alex had implicated him in the theft of the nerve gas she had stolen. She had also rather cleverly implicated him in a bank robbery and computer hacking. While he had been able to clear his name, his reputation was damaged beyond repair. He had lost everything yet gained some wonderful friends on the streets.

Looking at Macy, Blair nodded his head at her and spoke. "Ok, I will go downtown tomorrow and see Captain Taggart, at least I know he will hear me out." With that said, Blair moved out of the chair and made his way further into the warehouse to try and get some sleep. He knew that he would have to go to the local YMCA in the morning so he could have a shower, there wasn’t much he could do about his clothes unless he got lucky and found some clean in the lost property bin.