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Gaining Entrance

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Gaining Entrance
by Scribe  

Gabriel approached the rail that held the public back from the wolf enclosure and examined the information posted. It was in German, and he couldn't make out more than a word or two. He peered over the railing, looking for the wolves. They were probably there, but they didn't feel like displaying
themselves. *They must be hidin' in the clumps of brush. Damn.* He needed to get a clear look at one of them so he'd know a little more about the two wolves who had disappeared from the zoo two months before. The string of mutilation murders they were accused of included the one he was investigating. *I need to get back into that kennel for a closer look.*

Gabriel approached the entrance to the compound--a gate across a path leading around the back of the environmental enclosure. He had just touched the latch when a voice behind him called, "Sie, anschlag!" A young man in a green zookeeper uniform trotted toward him, pushing a car laden with various objects and supplies. He looked annoyed. "Der Zugang ist beschränkt."

Gabriel put on his best innocent smile. "Uh... guten tag. Ya'll speak any English?"

Understanding dawned on the young man's face. "Ach, English. Ja, I speak English. The kennel is off limits to the public."

Gabriel stuck out his hand. "Gabriel Knight."

A little nonplussed, obviously unused to such friendly gestures, the zookeeper shook hands. "I am Tomas." He was a few years younger than Gabriel, in his very early twenties. His dark hair beneath the uniform cap was so short that it was hard to tell whether it was curly or not. He was shorter
and more slender than Gabe, but his body was straight and wiry. He was probably constantly active in his work, and it kept him fit.

"Nice to meetcha, Tomas. I was jus' admirin' the wolves."

Tomas's dark eyes softened a little, like a parent hearing someone ask after their child. His accent made his speech lilt. "They are beautiful creatures."

"You in charge of them?"

"I care for them during the day. There is another keeper at night."

There was a crackle of static, and Tomas pulled a walkie-talkie off the small cart he had dragged along. He thumbed a button and said, "Ja, Tomas here."

"Tomas, Herr Doktor Klingman here. I want to see you in my office in an hour." Tomas scowled. If Klingman was some sort of superior, and that was certainly what the peremptory tone suggested, Tomas might be due for a reaming out. "And I don't want to hear how your head aches again. I told you last time..."

His eyes slightly panicked, Tomas hit the send button, cutting Herr Doktor off in mid-sentence. "Herr Doktor, I understand." He flicked a glance at Gabriel and said, with heavy emphasis, "I am with a visitor right now."

There was silence. Then the Doktor's voice came again. "I see. Remember what I said."

"Ja, Herr Doktor." There was a dull red flush on Tomas's cheeks as he put the walkie-talkie away. *Hmm. Looks like little ol' Tomas is due for a different kind of reaming out. Well, whoever Klingman is, I don't blame him. Tomas is a nice lookin' little piece.*

Gabriel set his expression to 'innocent curiosity'. "See you got a walkie-talkie there. Who do you talk to on it?"

The flush deepened. Gabe could imagine some of the conversations he'd had on it when there was no one nearby to listen. Herr Doktor sounded like an impatient man. "The kitchen, the health unit." He paused, then, reluctantly, "Sometimes Herr Doktor Klingman, for very important things."

*Yeah, what he wanted is pretty damn important.* The uniform jacket was only half zipped, showing the orange shirt Tomas wore beneath it. Horrible colors, but damned it he didn't look good in them. Gabriel mentally shook his head. *There's just somethin' about a man in uniform, any uniform. Hell, there's somethin' about a man out of a uniform, too.* Gabe felt the urge to reach out and slowly run the zipper the rest of the way down, just to see how the younger man would react.

Tomas shifted his feet nervously, and Gabriel realized he'd been staring. Better not spook him, he might run off. "So, how long you been workin' here, Tomas?"

He straightened proudly. "One year I have worked. Herr Doktor Klingman got me this job." His voice dropped a little at the end of the sentence.

*And you're still payin' for it, ain't you, bo?* "Lots of responsibility for a fella your age."

Tomas' eyes sparked, and he said stiffly, "I'm old enough for it."

*And that means ol' Herr Doktor wants to keep you his lil' twinkie instead of lettin' you grow up, don't it?* "Hell, I can see that." He let Tomas see his interest as he gave the zookeeper a slow, thorough appraisal. "You ain't no boy, you're a man grown." The blush spread. Gabe began to suspect Tomas didn't have all that much experience outside of the good doctor.

"Tomas, I'm a writer. I'm doin' a book on wolves, an' I'm goin' to include a chapter about the mutilation killings that have happened around here lately. I'm interested in learnin' about those two wolves I hear disappeared a couple of months ago."

Trouble darkened his eyes, and Tomas said, "I wasn't here. Like I said, I work days. The boy who worked nights..." He shook his head sadly, and drew a finger across his throat. "Ssst!"

"Fired, huh?" Tomas nodded. *Idiot should have offered to suck Klingman's cock. He'd probably still have his job.* "Man, that's harsh."

"I'm just glad I wasn't responsible. They say the gate must have been left open." He shrugged. "He swore it was shut. It's heavy, it closes itself. Perhaps a rock got in the way..."

"I'd like to get a closer look at the animals. You know, for research? Is there any way I could get back into that kennel to see them?"

Tomas was shaking his head decisively before Gabriel finished speaking. "No, impossible. No one goes in the pen without authorization."

"Who would I see to get that authorization?"

"Herr Doktor Klingman. He is head of mammals here."

"And where would I find this Klingman?"

Tomas pointed to a small building standing nearby. "Over there in administration. He's in."

"Thanks, ol' son. I'll be sure to tell Doktor Klingman what a help you've been."

His full mouth crooked in a slightly acid smile, Tomas rolled his eyes. "Oh, wunderbar."

Gabriel strolled across the path and over to the small brick building Tomas had indicated. At the door, Gabe paused and looked back. Tomas was bending down to do something on the bottom shelf of the cart. His thin uniforms pants clung tightly to a pert, peach shaped ass. Gabriel sucked his teeth in admiration. *Um, um, um. Lucky Doktor Klingman, gettin' that afternoon delight.*

Klingman's office was near the entrance. Gabriel knocked, and a voice called, "Commen sie."

Gabriel peeked in, trying to look tentative and deferential. "Herr Klingman? Could I speak to you for a minute or two?"

The middle aged man behind the desk put down his pen and gazed at his visitor curiously. Klingman was a well preserved man in his late forties, with thinning light brown hair that swept back high on both sides of a widow's peak. "There is something I can do for you?'

Gabriel entered and shut the door. He came to the desk, hand outstretched. "My name is Gabriel Knight. I'm a writer doing a book on wolves, and I was hoping I could pick your brains a little."

"Wolves?" Klingman's interest was sparked. No wonder. Wolf icons were all over the room: posters, photographs, figurines. Gabriel DID want to know about wolves. It was just that he wanted to know about the missing wolves in particular, instead of wolves in general. *Makes it a mite easier when the truth don't have to be stretched too much to get information.*

Klingman gestured to him. "Have a seat, Herr Knight."

"Thank you." Gabriel settled himself across from Klingman, got out his tape recorder, and said "You mind if I tape our conversation, Doc? As a journalist, I like to be as accurate as possible."

"Certainly." As Gabriel turned on the machine and placed it on the desk, Klingman continued. "Herr Knight, I know that things are less...formal in America. But here I am addressed as Herr Doktor Klingman. Or simply Herr Doktor will do as well."

"Sorry. I'll try to remember." *Which one of those do you have Tomas use when you hump him?* "What kind of requirements does it take to get a position like this?"

"Well, I have a doctorate. I studied animal behavior. I also write, and do research."

"On wolves?"

Klingman's eyes called him a fool. "Yes, Herr Knight. On wolves."

"What sorts of behavior do you study?"

Klingman warmed to this question. "Their social order and interaction. It's very complex, very beautiful. They're pack animals, you know. They need their own kind to be truly happy. The lone wolf is a myth."

"Interestin'. And what about these two wolves who went missin' from here?"

He was flustered by the sudden topic change. "You mean the mutilation killings?"

Gabe nodded. "Do you believe they're responsible?"

"I don't see how we can think otherwise. They're certainly capable of it physically."

"Isn't it strange that no one's seen them since the mistake?"

"Not as strange as you might think. Wolves are incredibly resourceful and cunning. It isn't unthinkable that they could go without being spotted for long periods of time, even in an urban environment."

"How do you think they managed to escape from the zoo?"

Gabe could see the walls coming down, but he was too late to stop them. "I have no idea, Herr Knight. I wish I did."

"The boy who takes care of the wolves...Tommy?"

"Tomas." Yeah, there was a proprietary note in the doctor's voice.

"Right, Tomas. He said the boy on night duty claims the gate was shut and locked."

Klingman's voice was chilly. "He would, wouldn't he? Is there anything else?"

"Well, I was hopin' to get permission to go back in the pen and have a closer look." He smiled winningly. "Sort of a courtesy, on professional to another?"

"I'm afraid that's impossible. We have to protect what little privacy the poor creatures have. Now, if you'll excuse me, there are matters I need to attend to."

*Hey, you don't have to kick me in the ass for me to know I'm not wanted.* Gabe shut off his recorder and pocketed it, standing up. "All right. Thanks for your time, Herr Doktor." He moved to the door. "If I have any more questions, can I count on you?"

The tone went from chilly to frigid. "As you wish."

Gabe shrugged. Herr Doktor was a lost cause. He wasn't going to be charmed. "Thanks again."

Tomas was still by the wolf exhibit, pottering about with no real purpose evident. When Gabriel approached, he noticed the young man quickly smoothing back a short spike of hair over his ear. At least someone around here was susceptible. "Hey."

"Hello again, Herr Knight."

"Call me Gabriel. All my friends do."

"Okay...Gabriel." Tomas fussed with various items on the cart, not really accomplishing anything. It was kind of sweet, Gabe thought. He was as nervous as a schoolgirl. Tomas cleared his throat. "So, did you see the Herr Doktor?"

"Yeah, I did." Gabriel rolled his eyes expressively. "He's some piece of work, the doctor."

Tomas warmed to the shared perception. "You are telling me? Aggravating. He pisses me off, that man."

"Seems a little full of himself, wanting that title and all."

"Ja. He insists on that damn title, even when..." Tomas had an abrupt coughing fit, or what sounded like one.

Gabriel put his hand on the younger man's shoulder and began thumping his back. "Whoa, got somethin' stuck in your throat, huh, buddy?"

The coughing passed rapidly. "I am all right, danke."

Gabe left his hand on the man's shoulder, and the thumps turned into pats. "You sure?"

"Ja, sure. You are very kind."

"Not attall, not attall." The pats became gentle pets. "Thought you were gonna toss up a lung there for a second. You had me worried."

Tomas gave an exaggerated sniff. "Allergies."

"Yeah, and the scientific name for it is Klingmanitus, right?" That made him smile. Gabriel was moving his hand in circles over Tomas's back now. "You know, I get the impression that he just don't treat you right."

Tomas shrugged dejectedly. "He is my superior."

"He may be your boss, but he's not your superior, " Gabriel said emphatically. Tomas raised warm, grateful brown eyes to Gabriel. And Gabe had a thought.

He needed to get back into the wolf enclosure, and into the actual pen, if possible. For that, he needed Klingman's authorization, and Herr Doktor wasn't about to cooperate. That meant that the only other option would be to persuade Tomas to defy Klingman's orders.

Gabriel thought of the tape he'd made of his conversation with Klingman. His recorder had a sophisticated splice function. He had no doubt that, with some painstaking effort, he could splice Klingman's words together into a message that would direct Tomas to show him the wolves. Then all he'd have to do was sneak back into Klingman's office and use the walkie talkie he'd seen on the
desk to relay the false message to Tomas. All this without being surprised. That was doing it the hard way. *I think I'd rather try the hard way.*

Gabriel gave Tomas his most sincere, sympathetic smile. "I hope you don't think I'm out of line here, Tomas. But I think that Herr Doktor is treating you like a dog. A bitch, in fact."

Tomas stiffened immediately. Gabe could feel the muscles tensing under his hand. *Talk fast, Gabriel, or you'll lose him.* "And that is so wrong. Anyone half blind could see that you're not bitch material. You should run with the big dogs."

Tomas relaxed a little, but his mouth was sulky. Yeah, he was Klingman's punch board. He didn't like it, and he didn't like to be reminded of it. "What are you saying, Gabriel?"

Gabriel let his hand slide down and around till it encircled the man's back. The gesture was a bit intimate for first time acquaintances, but no barrier had yet been passed. *Step careful, Gabe. But step it up.*

"Look, Tomas. I'm a man of the world. I grew up in the French Quarter, an' there ain't nothin' in this world that would surprise me when it came to... well, personal relationships. But I don't think you're happy with Klingman."

Tomas didn't pull away from Gabe's touch, but his tone was strained. "We're not together. Not like that."

"Thom-as." Gabe drew out the name , chiding. "Babe, come on. You're together, but not in the right way, huh?" Tomas hung his head, looking away. Gabe shook him slightly. "You can tell your ol' Uncle Gabe. Isn't there somewhere a little more private we could talk?"

Tomas glanced around. It was the middle of the week, the middle of the day, and the zoo was practically deserted. Still, a visitor occasionally wandered past. Gabe could see the gears spinning in his mind, and decided to turn the crank a little. He pointed toward the entrance to the wolves' compound. "It looks a little more secluded back there." He paused. "But Doktor Klingman doesn't want me back there."

Tomas' expression hardened, as Gabriel knew it would. "Come with me." Tomas led Gabriel to the entrance, unlocking the heavy gate. When they were through, he carefully locked it again, and directed Gabe down a path that ran parallel to the wolf pen. There was a clump of thick brush near the end that almost butted up against another back fence. Tomas brushed aside branches and gestured Gabriel to squeeze between the bush and fence.

Gabe found himself in a clear, pocket sized area of grass, brush on all sided. Tomas followed him in, letting the branches fall back, and they were cut off from the world.

"This is my place," There was a plastic pouch nearby. Tomas removed an old blanket and spread it on the ground. "You can sit. It's pretty comfortable, really. The grass is thick."

Gabe accepted the invitation, sitting cross-legged on the soft, wooly spread. Tomas remained on his feet, shifting nervously. Gabriel patted the ground invitingly. "Sit down, bo. You'll give me neck strain, starin' up at you like that. And if I'm gonna get neck strain, I can think of more fun ways to do it."

Tomas settled beside Gabriel, their knees not quite touching. Tomas hesitated, then said abruptly, "How did you know I'm... that way? Does it show?"

Gabriel chuckled. "You don't have a sign on your forehead, if that's what you mean. Nothin' obvious, bo. More wishful thinkin' on my part than anythin' else. And your doctor ain't nearly as discreet as he seems to think he is."

Tomas scowled, viciously plucking up a handful of grass and beginning to shred the blades. "You're right, Gabriel. I am his bitch. I didn't want it this way. I met him when I was seventeen. My father kicked me out when he found me... I was..." He made rapid hand gestures in front of his crotch.

"Hell, Tom, that's the most natural thing in the world."

The other man sighed, "Ja, but I was looking at a nude photo of Antonio Banderas."

"Ooh, good choice."

Tomas slanted a look at him that was slightly less distressed. "Father kicked my ass before he threw me out into the street mother naked. I had to steal laundry to cover myself, and I got arrested." His face clouded. "I didn't have to stay in jail long, but it wasn't nice."

*I bet not. Cute kid like you at seventeen? They must've passed you around like a box of Christmas candy.*

Tomas was continuing. "Even after my time, they wanted to keep me in till I was eighteen. That would be almost a year." He shuddered. "I couldn't have lasted. Herr Doktor Klingman was tutoring the juvenile offenders. He offered to be my sponsor, be responsible for me. So they released me to him."

Tomas shrugged. "I'm not stupid. I knew what to expect. He didn't use me the first night, or the second. But on the third, he said I'd had enough time, and I should get on with my duties. At least he was gentler than those animals in jail. At least I only had to deal with one..." He swallowed hard, his eyes bright with unshed tears.

Gabriel reached out and put his arms around Tomas. The young man's thin body tensed, but Gabe made no other move. He demanded nothing. This was a genuine gesture of comfort. He knew from personal experience how Tomas must have felt. He just held the other man quietly.

His voice low, Tomas said, "He bought me clothes, he fed me, he gave me books to read... And he fucked me every night. Even when I begged him not to. Even when I was so sick that I threw up before he was done. He didn't hit me for that, but he came close. By the time I was old enough... He got me this job. I have my own place now, but I still have to go when he calls me. I'm not a man--I'm his creature."

Gabriel started to rock him gently. "No, Tom." he soothed.

"Yes. Don't you understand? It's all I know.. I've never been touched except to be used. The few times anyone touched my cock, it was an afterthought. They were doing me a favor." The word had a bitter twist. He sounded close to tears. "All I am is a mouth and an ass, and a pair of hands to do his work."

"No, you're a hell of a lot more than that." Gabriel took Tomas's face between his hands and kissed him, almost chastely. "You're beautiful, and you're strong, and you're a man, Tom. A man."

Tomas was very still, and Gabriel saw how he must proceed. He removed his leather jacket, rolling it into a bundle. Then he stretched out, using it as a pillow, and fixed Tomas with his brilliant green gaze. "Kiss me, Tomas."

The young man looked confused. It was the first time anyone had invited his attentions as the aggressor, and he wasn't sure how to react. He'd been expecting Gabriel to want him, probably for a quick blow job, and he would have been willing. Gabe was handsome and virile, he radiated hot male sexuality. And now he was inviting Tomas to take the initiative.

Tomas gazed down at Gabriel as he sprawled, loose limbed on the old blanket. His hair, the dark red-gold of raw wild honey, fanned out on the brown leather beneath his head. His face was square featured and handsome, with a wide, strong mouth. The smooth lips were slightly parted. In the quiet, Tomas could hear his breathing.

His eyes traveled downward, down the strong column of neck to the surprisingly delicate looking collar bones. Then there was the broad expanse of chest. The thin, tight T-shirt clung to well defined muscles, and he saw the two tiny peaks of Gabriel's nipples straining against the cloth. Tomas felt a stirring in his blood, a stirring he'd only ever felt when he was along, never with another. He'd only felt it when he began the lonely task of pleasuring himself.

He let his eyes roam further. Gabriel moved slightly, spreading his legs in a wanton pose to better present the well packed bulge of his fly. He was already growing, feeling the heat of the young zookeeper's gaze, the intensity of his longing. It was flattering, to be found so desirable.

Tomas reached out and laid a hand on Gabriel's flat belly, just letting it rest there. Gabriel made no move, no suggestion. This was entirely for Tomas. Anything and everything he wanted would be offered freely, even eagerly. Nothing would be denied. At last, Tomas pinched the thin fabric between his finger tips and eased it up. He exposed the washboard of Gabriel's belly, with the thin, soft swirl of golden hair around the neat bellybutton. Tomas ruffled the hair experimentally, circling the little dip, tickling it. Gabe's abdomen rippled in reaction.

Gabriel's eyes were gemstone green, and Tomas saw fire flickering in their depths. Fire he had kindled? It seemed so. This American was one of the most distinctly masculine men Tomas had ever encountered. And he was waiting for Tomas to take control, and make love to him. An answering burn started deep within Tomas, in his very being as well as his flesh and blood.

Gabriel closed his eyes as the boy leaned down and kissed him. He sucked the boy's tongue into his mouth, inviting. Tomas responded, exploring Gabriel's mouth hungrily. *Umm, yes, you do know how to use that tongue, sweetheart. Now, if only you know how to use your dick as well, we'll have a fine old time.*

Tomas' hands had slid up under Gabe's shirt, and found his nipples. He rubbed them gently between thumb and forefinger, teasing them to even greater sensitivity. Then Tomas lifted his head and looked down at Gabriel with mute inquiry in his eyes. The look said, do you really want this, or are you being kind? Gabriel answered by craning his head and slowly licking Tomas's lips.

Gabe heard the pop as Tomas undid the snap on his jeans. He kicked off his loafers, and lifted his ass to allow Tomas to work the pants down and off. They came free with a final kick, landing in a heap. In another second they were joined by rumpled silk jockeys, and Gabriel was naked save for his hiked up t-shirt.

Tomas drank in the sight, then began touching him. His hands roved over Gabriel's lean body, stroking and squeezing. Gabe's half hard cock continued to stiffen, but Tomas didn't touch it. His hands would stray close, then skitter away. Gabriel was aching for a caress, oral or manual, but he didn't insist. This had to be Tom's show, all the way.

At last he said in a low voice, "Tom, you gonna take anything off? I know it's kind of a turn on to keep some clothes on, but I really want to get a good look at you, man. See if you're as sweet as I think."

Tomas paused, hands resting on Gabe's belly. Then he started to remove his clothes. But he seemed reluctant to do it, and this puzzled Gabe. Didn't he want skin on skin?

He got down to his underwear, then stopped. Gabriel eyed his basket, trying to keep frustration out of his tone when he spoke. "You have a beautiful body. I bet you're gonna pack on some more muscles in a year or two. But Tomas..." Gabe reached out and cupped his hand over the man's crotch, giving a gentle squeeze, "Aren't you ever gonna let me see your dick? You try and fuck me through the comfort slit, and you're liable to strangle yourself."

Tomas blinked in surprise. "Gabriel... you want me to... to..."

Gabe finally understood. Tomas had been expecting to be used again. He hadn't considered that Gabriel would go so far as to be interested in being the passive partner. Clearly and deliberately he said, "I want you to fuck me. I want you to take this," another gentle squeeze, and Gabe felt Tomas stir against his palm, "and stick it in my ass. Then I want you to pump me full of your come. Please. Now, do you want me like this, or on my knees?"

The cock Gabe was holding gave a decided twitch against the cotton fabric that encased it. Tomas pushed his hand away, but only so that he could remove the garment. Gave said admiringly. "Oh, Tomas. That is such a fine, juicy lookin' piece of meat. That Klingman may have a doctorate, but he's a damn fool for not lettin' you use it. Tell me, stud, what position? I want that inside me as soon as possible."

Tomas' voice shook just a little. "I want to see your face when I do it."

"Missionary it is." Gabriel spread his legs wide, bending his knees.

Tomas knelt in the wide v. Then he gripped Gabriel's knees, lifted, and knee walked till the back of Gabe's legs rested against him, lifting his ass and presenting it conveniently. "Spit real good," urged Gabriel. "I'm no virgin, but that poke you got there could do some real damage if the way isn't

"I have something better." Tomas stretched and snagged his pants, then rummaged in the pocket. He came up with a small tube of lubricating gel. "Klingman," the name was a hiss, "likes me to be ready anytime."

Tomas uncapped the tube and squeezed a clear gel into his palm. He rubbed it over his cock, the erection bobbing and swaying with the motions, till it was slick and glistening.

"Better do my hole, too, bud." Gabriel requested. "I want to give you a smooth ride."

Tomas spread Gabe's ass cheeks and squeezed a line of gel along the crevice. It was cool, but it warmed as Tomas massaged it in. He came to Gabe's asshole and circled around it. Gave said hoarsely, "You wanna finger me some? I'd like that."

Tomas pushed the tip of the tube into Gabe's rectum. It was short and thin, and went in with no problem. He squeezed, and Gabe felt the cool ointment ooze into his anal passage. Then the nozzle was gone, and a warm, blunt finger was probing questioningly.

Gabe consciously relaxed, and Tomas wormed a finger up into him, pushing till his knuckles brushed. "That feels good," Gabe purred. Tomas withdrew slowly, then pushed in again. In, out, in, out. A second finger joined the first. Gabe sighed happily as Tomas finger fucked him, patiently stretching and relaxing his muscles. It was amazing that the kid was such a considerate lover, when you thought about the shitty examples he'd had.

"I'm going to fuck you now."

At these words, Gabriel grabbed his own knees, to give Tomas better access and control. The fingers were removed, and Gabriel craned his neck to watch as Tomas fitted the blunt knob of his cockhead against Gabriel's anus. Tomas pushed, and the springy muscle spread a little. "Go on," Gabe urged. "Pop it in. Don't worry about hurting me. I'm good and relaxed, and a little bitty pain is part of the fun."

Tomas pushed again. The pink, fleshy ring stretched, and stretched...Then it slid tight around the base of his cockhead. Tomas threw his head back, mouth dropping open at the sensation of the moist, heated flesh closing around him. Then he pushed forward and completely impaled Gabriel in one long, slow stroke.

"Oh, damn, son!" Gabe panted. "Hell, you're big!"

Tomas was still, but his voice was anxious, "Am I hurting you?"

"Yes. Naw. Oh, it just feels so good."

Tomas pulled back till only his gland was still lodged inside Gabe, then stroked again. And again. And again.

"Oh, yeah, like that." Gabe moaned. "You sweet little ass fucker, yeah. Like that."

Tomas's expression was one of blissful revelation. He'd often been the fuckee. This was the first time he was actually the fucker, and he liked it.He speeded up, not bothering to pull all the way out now. Gabriel gasped encouragement, begging him to stick it in harder, faster, deeper. Soon Tomas was pounding into the older man, his nuts briskly slapping Gabe's ass with every stroke.

Tomas reached down and began to massage Gabe's own swollen erection between lube greased palms, alternately rough and tender. He rubbed his thumb in the clear fluid that oozed from it's slit, smearing it around the pink, engorged tip. "Too good," Gabe whimpered. "You're too good to me. Ride me Tom, ride me hard."

With a growl, Tomas slammed into Gabe's body, again and again. His thick, straining penis nudged Gabe's prostate on each lunge. It couldn't last much longer.

Gabriel's head lashed from side to side, red gold hair flying wildly as he bucked against the young man who was plumbing his depths. This had started out as a quick seduction to gain entry to the wolf pen. It had developed into one hell of a satisfying lay. "I'm gonna cum," he moaned. "Tom, you're gonna make me shoot my load."

An instant later, Tomas felt the strong, hard shaft in his hands pulse. Gabriel; spasmed, and thick milky come spurted strongly, spattering Gabriel's flat, heaving belly. It made Tomas come too. He spilled his seed into Gabriel's core in hot, jetting bursts. Both of the men cried out together, their voices rising in the clear sunlit sky. On the other side of the bushes, they were answered by eerie, wavering howls from the wolves, and the sounds, animalistic and human, blended in a weirdly beautiful harmony.

Tomas lowered Gabriel's legs, his softening penis sliding out. He began to massage Gabriel's thighs, wanting to be sure there were no cramps to spoil the experience.

Gabriel lay limp, chest heaving. This was one to remember, and take out some long, lonely evening when all he had for company was his right hand. He stretched luxuriously, like a cat waking up from a nap in the sun. "You're the man, Tomas." he murmured. "You're the goddam man."

Tomas used the edge of the blanket to wipe himself and Gabriel clean. They dressed. Before he wadded the blanket back into the plastic pouch, Gabriel saw Tomas hold it to his face and snuffle, drinking in the lingering scents of man sex.

Again Tomas held aside the branches for Gabriel as they left the secret spot. The young man was changed. He moved with more confidence, more authority. There was no longer a diffident look in his eyes. Gabe thought that Herr Doktor Klingman was in for an unpleasant surprise the next time he tried to commandeer his protegee's ass.

They walked quietly up the path toward the exit that led to the main part of the zoo. Gabriel tried to decide exactly how to frame his request. If it looked as if he wanted access to the wolves in payment for the sex, he might put the boy off. And he didn't want to do that. Besides needing to see the wolves, Gabe didn't want to hurt Tomas. Tomas had proved to be a generous lover, and Gabriel didn't want him to feel used again.

Before they reached the exit, Tomas stopped. He fished a ring of keys off his belt. "You wanted to see the wolves closer, ja? I'll take you in the pen. They won't hurt you if I'm there."

"What about Herr Doktor Klingman?"

Tomas gave Gabriel a brilliant smile. "Fuck him."

As they started toward the pen, Gabe grinned. *I think you just might at that, bo.*