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comment fic response - loss of sight

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comment fic response - loss of sight
by hawk


"Abby!" he whined. Hell, he *knew* he was whinging but he couldn't seem to help himself. Self-pity seemed to have taken root right around the time the doctor had told him the news. He was blind. The doctor had also told him it *should* only be a temporary condition. Believing him was difficult when all he could see was this claustrophobic blackness.

"It's temporary, Tim," Abby whispered against his hair as she held him, her touch soothing away the latest nightmare.

"Says you," he grumbles, even as his hands clutch to the soft flannel of her nightgown.

"Says me," she agrees, "and says the doctor. You just have to be patient, Tim -- and believe that you're going to see again."

He could feel her fingers ghosting over his skin and the edge of the bandages covering his sightless eyes. "It's hard, Abby."

"I know it is," she said softly before pressing her lips against his. "I know it is -- but I'm here for you. I'm not going to leave you, Tim. You're not alone in this."

Tim sighed, feeling sleep start to claim him once again. "You're my light," he murmured as he let himself relax fully once again. Sleep would come soon and, right now, he had Abby to watch over him.