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Will You Be My Valentine?

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Will You Be My Valentine?
by Nicole (heroesfan86)



The stench of alcohol was strong on Ellis' breath. Charles had never seen the kid drink this much, and definitely didn't think that he could stomach it.

Charles watched Ellis pick up another beer. Out of the dozen he had brought, Ellis had drunk five in an hour.

Rose wasn't there - she had said she would be there - and Ellis had a bouquet of flowers that would never be sent to her. He stared at them as if he couldn't figure out what they were. He was disappointed, outraged, betrayed.

"She was su'posed to be here," Ellis whined, his words slurring. Charles just shrugged and took a drink of his own beer. He was going to relax tonight and tune his partner out. Charles didn't want to worry about anything tonight.

Ellis held out the bouquet to Charles, a crooked smile on his face. He leaned back slightly, the alcohol making him woozy. Charles raised an eyebrow and looked at Ellis, expecting an answer to an unasked question.

"Will you be my Valentine?" Ellis asked, laughing immediately after. He attempted to get up but stumbled over his coffee table. Charles caught him before he seriously hurt himself.

"You need to get some rest," Charles said, leading Ellis to his room. Ellis flopped on the bed and fell asleep almost immediately. Charles grabbed the unopened beers and left, leaving the flowers on the coffee table.