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Love's Healing Touch

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Love's Healing Touch
by Pirate Turner



        He stroked his gray hair with tender, loving fingers, his worried eyes fixated upon his handsome face. His love's face twitched, and Eric's breath caught in his throat. He did not want to wake him. He needed his sleep, but just as badly, he needed to be here with him, touching him, reassuring himself that he still lived and was all right.

        He stilled until he rested once more, then ran his fingers back through his soft, silken hair. Never had any one's hair felt softer or more akin to silk to him than George's did. No girl or guy could even come close. No one felt like George, not his hair or his aged but tender skin nor anything else. No one loved like George. No one meant anywhere near as much to him as George did, and no one ever would. He loved him, now and for all time, but when he was sick, Eric was terrified, terrified that he would lose him.

        Gentle fingers caught his hand, and Eric blinked in surprise as Feeny opened his eyes. "I'm not dying, Eric."

        "I know," he replied, his voice quiet as though to raise it might somehow hurt him.

        "It's just a cold."

        Eric nodded, fighting back his own tears. George raised his other hand to cup his face; his fingers ran over his flesh, caressing him gently. He smiled sadly up at him. "I'd kiss you, but . . . "

        "Go ahead and share it," Eric replied, his dry lips twisting into a smile that hovered somewhere between a full grin and a teasing smirk. Without giving Feeny the chance to back down, Eric leaned down and lightly pressed his lips to his. He kissed him softly, almost reverently, his fear that he might somehow harm him showing through even in his kiss.

        George melted against Eric's tender embrace. When the boy first went to pull away, he leaned further up and recaptured his lips, reluctant to let him go, but after a long moment, he began to hurt again. He needed to breathe but sighed nonetheless as Eric lifted up and away from him. "You need your rest, love."

        "I need you," George told him, entwining his fingers with his own, "and I need you to know I'm all right. I'm not going anywhere, just sleeping." Eric nodded, and George smiled weakly. "You're not going to get rid of me that easily."

        "I never want to get rid of you."

        "You won't. I'll always be with you." Feeny drifted back off to sleep, still holding Eric's hand. He slept that night underneath his watchful, concerned gaze and woke the next morning, feeling a great deal better, to his loving arms.

The End