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Demeter stepped off the rickety damp boat she and the other Jellicles had crossed that crystal clear, icy-looking lake with the pretty lady wandering the bottom of it. She looked up at a middle-aged woman with a limp, dark hair, and purred.

"All right, all right, I'm coming. I still can't believe you talked me into this. I mean, shit! Hogwarts?"

"You wanted to get your claws in Severus, didn't you?"

"Well, yes, but I never thought I'd ever get that particular wish."

"Well, you have. You're a twenty-nine-year-old First Year. This is a good Year for it, since there are several adult Firsts."

"Oh? Who?" Fannie was curious.

"Two American women…one's called "Growly" and the other one suggested that it might be kinder if I called her "Jane" for you right now so you don't have any trouble identifying her. She goes by the name "The Midnight Special when she's a cat, though."

The woman simply moaned a little. "Damned if she hasn't done it to me again!"

"Done what?"

"You'll find out." She growled. "Just don't piss her off. She's an expert at human breaking cats, and despite several attempts by many different cats, has never been successfully cat-broken."

"I understand your caution. Tugger and Munkustrap says she can tell a Jellicle Cat what their true Name is after only a few moments. She scared the whey out of Tugger when she did that."

"She scares the whey out of a lot of people."


"No, not unless you give her a good reason to be. Where is she anyway?"

"With her mate…a man named Qui Gon Jinn. He has a boy named Obi Wan with him that was sorted to Gryffindore."

"That doesn't surprise me. That kid'll be hell-on-wheels with on a broom."

"Oh, and she said she's arranged a private apartment for you."

"Where?" Fannie asked suspiciously.

"Right next door to Prof. Snape. You'll be seated next to him at the High Table, too, since you're an Adult receiving private lessons, instead of a regular student. Most of the rules meant to keep the human kittens safe aren't to apply to the adults, Severus is to insure your safety, personally. She told him you were quite capable of introducing him to something she called a "reality check". And the headmaster just got back today, and has bonded to Mistoffelees. Which should keep the little runt out of trouble for a while." She paused, "I hope."