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His Angel

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His Angel
by Pirate Turner


        Tramp lay quietly at Jim Dear's feet, watching his puppies play in the bright sunshine. Gentle breezes ruffled his gray fur, and he sighed contentedly. There had been a time when he had been every bit as rambunctious as Scamp, but now he much preferred to watch his children play and bask in the love of their family. He was lucky, incredibly lucky, and he never forgot it. It wasn't possible to forget for he was reminded every time he caught a smile or happy bark from his puppies, every time Jim Dear or Darling scratched his head, and, of course, every time he set eyes upon his lovely Lady.

        He grinned as Angel pounced on Scamp and, taking him by surprise, succeeded in wrestling the squeeze toy away from him. He had to laugh at Scamp's expression. His son was thoroughly surprised by her swiftness, frustrated that his girlfriend had taken advantage of him, embarrassed that a girl had won the upper paw, and flustered by the feelings Tramp knew Angel sent racing through him. He knew those feelings well, he reflected, for it was the same shortness of breath, dizzy headiness, dreamy befuddlement, and heartbeat skipping that Lady had first inspired in him, continued to do so, and, he believed, always would.

        A joyous yip brought his head snapping up, and he turned just in time to see Lady exiting the house with the mistress. One look at her beautiful fur, gorgeous smile, and entrancing eyes had him feeling all those old symptoms again. His heart ceased to beat; his breath inhaled sharply and held. His eyes grew round as they gazed upon her beauty.

        She was more than just his Lady and his life long partner. She was his Angel, who had rescued him from a life that, though he hadn't known it when he'd first met her, lacked the greatest thing of all, love. She was his Angel, who had gifted him with the most precious gifts any one could give, a full litter of happy puppies and love that he knew would last them not only throughout this lifetime but every one that would follow. His smile grew to its fullest as his eyes twinkled, bedazzled by her beauty. She was far more than just his Angel; she was, and would always be, his everything!

The End