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An Alien Valentine

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An Alien Valentine
by Pirate Turner


        He took a deep breath, then knocked on the door. He held the tray close to his massive chest and tried not to fiddle as he waited for the door to open. At long last, it cracked open, and his sidekick peered anxiously up at him. Then his face split with joy as recognition registered.

        He beamed up at Gantu. "Hey, big guy, you actually remembered to knock!" His eyes narrowed at the tray. "What's that you got up there?"

        Gantu shifted his feet nervously before lowering the tray. "It's for you," he whispered. He had watched the Earthlings celebrating their Valentine's Day all day and had thought constantly of the little fellow who was watching for him back at the spaceship, who tolerated all his bad moods and never berated him as cruelly as Hämsterviel, and who was always there for him in the end no matter what happened. At last he had found a restaurant, forced the head chef to fill a very special order, and brought it home to his special friend, who was the closest thing he'd ever had, and he expected, would ever have to what the humans called their valentines.

        "What?" he asked, confusion creasing his furry face. He couldn't have heard right!

        "It's for you," he boomed out, thrusting the silver tray down at 625.

        He stumbled back at first, then regained his ground and leaned up to get a better look. His eyes grew as round as a flying disc, and he trembled. "R-R-Really?"

        "Yeah. If you don't want it -- "

        "Of course I want it!" He snatched the tray and held it carefully; his smile grew to fill his entire face. "You remembered! I thought you didn't care, but you remembered!" He hugged his leg tightly, making Gantu's cheeks darker but, for once, 625 didn't call him on the blush and Gantu didn't try to shake him off.

        "I'll remember this forever, Gantu!" 625 cried, his whole face shining with joy, as he returned his attention to the tray. Reverently, he lifted the huge, heart-shaped sandwich in his hands and then slowly began to nibble, savoring each taste, while Gantu stood still in shock and amazement. "You do care!" 625 sniffed as he cried. "You do love me!"

        Gantu lowered and shook his head as 625 gazed adoringly at him, chewing slowly and swallowing even more slowly. He'd never live this down, he thought begrudgingly yet, at the same time, another part of the towering alien couldn't help thinking that, if he had to be stranded on this wretched, blue planet, at least he wasn't alone and had 625 to keep him company, even if their mission took forever. He smiled. Maybe forever wasn't such a very long time after all, as long as it was spent with 625!

The End