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Poppa Bear Handles A Boo Boo

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Poppa Bear Handles A Boo Boo
by Pirate Turner



        "Molly, don't chew your nails."

        "Okay, Mama." The girl immediately obliged. "Ouch!"

        "What's wrong?" every one asked at once, but though Rebecca held her hand, Baloo moved faster to her side, his big hands protectively cupping her shoulders.

        "Boo-boo!" She began to cry as she glowered at the offensive rock and picked up her foot to show them the bruise that was already beginning to turn purple.

        "Come here, little britches." Baloo swung Molly up on to his broad shoulders just as the fireworks began to explode. She clapped. "Ooo! Pretty! Sparkly! Shiny!" Baloo smiled. She had forgotten all about the pain!

The End