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Secret Admirer

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February 1

Mike found an envelope on his bed. With caution, he picked it up and fingered it, looking at the front and back. All it said in large print was Mike. He flipped open the fold and pulled out a card. "Will you be mine?" it said on the front in a heart. Opening it, he read, "Meet me under the pier on the 14th, 8 PM sharp."

Mike pondered it. With all the number of people that came and went form the pad, he couldn't even think where to start to who left this.

He slid the card back into its home and put it in the drawer of his bed side table. He would think about it later.

February 5
Mike opened his guitar case to his lead guitar and found an envelope.

"What do you got there man?" Peter asked.

Mike picked up the card and saw the same lettering as before. "Don't know," he answered. He opened the envelope and pulled out the card. "Don't forget," it said on the front. He opened it and read, "See you 8 o'clock sharp, pier, 14th."

"Seems I have someone who wants to see me on Valentines day."

"Won't that be kind of hard, he have a gig that night?"

"But," Mike reminded him," we are playing Alley's which is a block up from the pier. We'll just have to be taking our break around then."

Mike put the card down in his case and put his guitar strap over his shoulder. "Speaking of a gig, let's get this rehearsal going."

February 10
Mike yawned as he made his way down the hurricane stairs to find a late night snack. He opened the fridge and pulled out the milk and moved automatically to pull a glass down from the cabinet.

Turning, he saw it on the kitchen table. Moving sluggishly, he picked up the white envelope. He moved to the living room and turned on a lamp. On the envelope was Mike. He opened it and found a red drawing of lush lips. He opened to find X X X X X, these are for you. I'm warming up for our meeting."

Mike closed the card and put it back in its envelope. He turned off the lamp and headed back to his room. Sitting on the side of the bed, it put the card with the others in his bed stand.

February 13

Mike was starting to feel nervous. He hadn't been able to figure out who his secret admirer was. He didn't like being in control of the situation. It was unlike him to actually going along with something this unknown.

The full run through of the song list went well. Micky was moving with more energy. If he didn't stop babbling Mike was thinking of ways of gagging him to keep his sanity.

A knock came to the door. Mike looked around to see that know one was making the effort to see who it was. He got up from his chair and opened the door, finding a delivery person holding an envelope.

"Telegram for Mike Nesmith," the young man announced.

"That's me," Mike replied.

"Sign here," the man indicated the line by the x by his typed name. Mike signed on the line and the man handed him the envelope. "Thank you sir," and turned to leave before Mike could think of a tip.

The others gathered around Mike as he sat back down on his chair.

"Telegrams mean bad news," Peter informed the crowd.

"It could be something good," Micky being optimistic insisted.

Mike opened the back of the enveloped and pulled out the short memo.

Mike Nesmith *stop*
Don't forget *stop*
8 PM *Stop*
Tomorrow night *stop*


Peter chuckled. "This girl wants you bad man."

Mike couldn't say anything to that. Less than twenty-four hours he would be meeting this girl who had gone to the trouble to keep reminding him of their impending date.

February 14

Sometime in the Morning
She will be there
Sometime in the Morning
She will be there .. there .. there.

Break time, Mike thought. He put his guitar down and checked his watch 8:45. He headed for the back entrance of Alley's and hit the street.

The area was crowded, couples walking about. The area had restaurants, and the pier held several amusements rides on it. He found the beach access and made his way down.
The night was clear, and the moon was almost full, casting light down so he could find his way to the pier's pilings.

He stood just outside the dark cave. He was fool enough to go under.

Several minutes later he heard someone walking down the beach. He turned and found himself looking at …


*Warning .. this might be a surprise. Who is Mike seeing? Could it be ….




"What are you doing here Micky?"

"Doing the same thing as you are." Micky replied.

Mike looked at him, "Don't scare her off man," Mike looked back at the darkness under the pier.

"Mike, listen to me. There is no one under there, or at least not anyone who left you those cards and sent you that telegram.

Mike looked back at Micky and saw that for once the energy bubble was serious. "You left me those cards?"

Micky nodded his head.

"We share a room." Mike pointed out to him.

"We share a room and a bathroom and sometimes shirts."

"Why all this?"

"I had to see how you would react, build up some anticipation. I was working though to see if I could go through with this."


"Isn't obvious? I'm a man."

"I can see that," Mike looked up and down Micky's form.

"And you were expecting a woman."

"Yes, I was."

"So either you deck me or …"

"What Micky?" Mike asked as he stepped towards Micky.

"You kiss me." Micky challenged.

Mike stopped just short of Micky. "Kiss you?" Mike asked. "You're the one who invited me here. It should be you doing the kissing."

Micky licked his lips in nervous energy. He closed the gap between them and rose a little on his toes and kissed a short peck on Mike's lips.

Mike smiled at Micky's nervousness.

"You call that a kiss?" he asked.

"Well you try being the shorter one of the two," he replied.

Mike bent down and gave Micky a kiss that he was wanting from Micky. A few moments later he pulled back.

"I hate to put a damper on this, but we have a gig to finish."

"And after that, Peter and Davy are meeting up with the gal pals for the rest of the night." Micky informed him.

"Whatcha waiting for?"

Micky turned and started running for the access ramp. Mike followed. Enjoying the site of his secret admirer in front of him and what could be happening later on.