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Make It Last

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Make It Last
by Prodigette


Terry was staring at Bruce again. Less than an hour ago, the two of them had been through a few disturbing incidents. Bruce discovering Talia's twisted demise and having to escape an exploding castle were only two of them.

But all Terry could do was stare at Bruce. It wasn't that he meant to. It was just very hard for Terry to look away. At first, he could barely recognize the man across from him. This younger Bruce was athletic and vibrant. Not to mention not as edgy. Bruce was looking out of the jet window, with an impassive expression on his face. That made Terry wonder what he was thinking.

"This won't last."

Terry blinked. "What?"

Bruce looked up at him, his face still impassive. "What you see now won't last, McGinnis." The calm tone of his mentor's voice made Terry worry. With a confused expression on his face, Terry walked over to where Bruce was and sat beside him.

"So you mean..."

"It's temporary."

Terry looked down at his feet. There was a high level of bitterness within those words. It was Bruce, alright. Terry simply covered the older man's large hand with a smaller one. Bruce looked at the hand on his, then up at Terry. A question was evident in his eyes.

Terry simply shrugged and tilted his head to look at Bruce. "Live for the moment." It was the only thing that the younger man could come up at that time, but it made sense.

Bruce interlocked his fingers with Terry's and gave him a very small smile. At least something went right that day.