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Lie To Me

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Lie To Me
by Pirate Turner


Lie to me,
Make me want to believe,
That color doesn't matter,
That gender doesn't count.

Lie to me,
Make me believe,
Just once,
In this crazy world,
That you could love me.

I never see you look at any one,
But I know you must.
She's got to be some pretty, little slender thing
With a mind and talent for the theater
To draw your attention.

You'd never look at me, I know,
But when you smile at me that way,
You make me lose my breath,
And when you wink at me,
My heart starts racing.

You're only a tease, I know,
And you probably don't know
What you're doing to me,
You'd probably never dream
That my interest doesn't lay
With Taylor or any other woman,
That I want only you,
That I need only you,
That you're the one I reach for,
That you're the one I long for,
That yours is the name I whisper in the night.

I love you, Ryan,
But I know you'll never love me.
Even in my dreams,
When you whisper sweet words of love,
We always end up on some stage
And it's all an act, all a play,
But if the world's a play,
It only has to have two actors in it
To be a five star production
And capture me for life.

So go ahead, Ryan,
Lie to me,
Make me your star,
Because if that's the only way I can have you,
I'll go for it.

I'll go for anything to have you
In my arms, in my life,
Anything but telling you the truth
For I know any words of love you may offer
Will only be lies,
Lies that I ache to hear
But lies that will end up tearing me apart
All the same for you'll never love me
For I am but a black dot
In the brilliantly shining star
Of your life.

The End