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The Beautiful Light of His Life

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The Beautiful Light of His Life
by Pirate Turner

        "Yeah, it's beautiful." Phineas turned to look down at his sole companion throughout all time. You're beautiful, he allowed himself to think for the first time, and the boy truly was. Never had he been happier to see any one in his entire life than he had been when he had dropped in behind him in Arabia.

        No one had ever been more beautiful to him than this young child, who was so full of life and spirit. He had given him hope and renewed his meaning for life, his bright light breaking through the mundaneness of his life and transforming it forever. Never again would he be lonely or without a reason to take pride in his life and job.

        He quenched the urge to pull him to his side, knowing he would never understand and assuring himself silently that his mere companionship would always be enough. His world was completed with Jeffrey by his side, and together, they would make his timeline complete.

The End