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The Ancient Scroll In Poem

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Title: The Ancient Scroll in Poem
Author: scalin55
Fandom: Mystic Knights of Tir na nog
Pairing: None
Rating: FRC
Disclaimer: I don't own them, Saban does.
Summary: The first two episodes done in rhymes
Warnings: none
Archive: Yes
Feedback: Yes


The Ancient Scroll In Poem
by- scalin55


There is a tale I'll tell this room
Of a kingdom whose ruin did loom
But was saved on the brink of doom
By the hands of fate and destiny

I'll take you to the land of Kells
Only one of humans many hells
A king and his daughter there did dwell
Their crowns all nice and shiny

Beside it was the land of Temra
A scenic place to take a camera
Talked about by many a gammer
Ruled by a queen who was quite whiny

Between the two, a war would break
Townsfolk only their heads could shake
But fought they did, their lives at stake
And wish for a tanning of a certain hinny

The queen, magic powers, did find
From a fairy of the evil kind
But for Kells it put them in a bind
Treating them none too kindly

But an ancient scroll foretells
That with no fanfare and no bells
A warrior would come to save Kells
As written by the folk who are magic and tiny

And now, a druid and king's advisor
Who some would swear was an old miser
Had an apprentice, who was none the wiser
That the scroll was part of his destiny

His apprentice, the druid did pose
To the king, as the tale he disclosed
Who in response looked down his nose
At the youth that he thought was ganglingly

The king lost the ensuing bludgeon
And to prove he was no curmudgeon
Allowed him to take his friend from the dungeon
To attempt to find Draganta, the warrior mighty

As the two young friends got ready to leave
The druid's apprentice and his friend that thieved
The druid gave them advice they should believe
To find the scroll's origins in the kingdom of tiny

During their journey, a dream the apprentice did see
Of what he must do and the future to be
In the morning he told his friend with such glee
That his friend thought he was a bit looney

They soon found themselves up in the air
For someone, on the road, had put a net there
And out of the shadows a stranger did appear
A prince that had travelled across the briny

The two got free and gained their balance
And defeated the stranger, who showed no malice
He told them he was in search of his chalice
And he knew the way to the land of the people tiny

The three came upon the magic stone altar
But a figure appeared and they did falter
It turned out to be the king's own daughter
And together they entered the land of the people tiny

The fairy king did meet them with much suspicion
But after awhile he came to a decision
Help they would get if they passed his mission
For they would prove they were the chosen of destiny

The four decided agreement was best
And before they could even stop to rest
Found themselves within the king's test
In a room where the walls were rather spiny

The walls closed in without a word
A found door, the group ran toward
The prince got stuck but was saved by a sword
And all got away from the walls that were spiny

The prince, the druid's apprentice did save
Proving that he was helpful and brave
And as thanks, a pledge the prince gave
To help Kells against the queen who was whiny

Moving on, one who was following a vein of gold
Went through the wall into a leprechaun's fold
The treasure would be his, he was told
If he got the others to step on the wrong colored stony

The thief came upon his friends in a stew
But deep down inside, he knew what to do
For he was a friend both loyal and true
He lead them, turning his back on the treasure shiny

The four arrived in a room full of sand
Falling through it, on their butts they did land
They had failed, the king did so command
Forever to stay in the land of the folks magic and tiny

The princess stepped forward to say
If it must be so, then she would stay
But to let the others go on their way
To help her father defeat the queen who was whiny

The fairy king laughed and said with a grin
That now they all passed the test they were in
He gave them weapons to help, against the queen win
And told them about the mystic armor nice and shiny

They arrived back at Kells castle
To help the soldiers in a battle
They herded the enemies away like cattle
Much to the ire of the queen who was whiny

They told the king of the fairy's test
And about their armor and future quest
In their honor, he held a fest
And they celebrated, looking to the future gaily

The tale does not end there it's true
But my telling tonight is quite through
If I have a mind later, I may tell you
About the knights quest for their armor shiny


The End