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A Hard Question to Ask

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A Hard Question to Ask
by Pirate Turner


        It was a cool Spring day. Wildchild and Polaris were discussing Kyle's feelings for Shard. "Why don't you just ask her?" Lorna suggested.

        "But I can't," Kyle protested.

        "Why not?" asked Lorna.

        "Because she's just a hologram," Kyle replied with a sigh. "At least that's what Forge and Valerie say."

        "She was at the beginning, but, by some miracle, she's turning human," Lorna informed him. "You should ask her. I mean, what's the worse she can say?"

        "No?" suggested Kyle.

        "Right! You see, Shard can only say 'yes' or 'no' - it's a 50/50 chance! Come on, Kyle, what do you have to loose?"

        "Hmm....let's see. My diginity."

        "What's more important to you, Kyle - the possibilty of loosing your diginity or never knowing?" asked Polaris.

        Kyle was still thinking about this when Shard came up to them. "Hi, Kyle. Hi, Lorna."

        "Bye, Kyle. Bye, Shard." Lorna walked off swiftly, leaving the two alone.

        The conversation between the two grew eeriely quiet. Kyle finally broke the silence when he asked, "Shard, will....will you go out with me? You know, be my girlfriend?"

        Shard thought about this for awhile. Kyle held his breath, afraid she would say 'no'. Just as he turned to leave, Shard made her decision. "Yes, I will, Kyle."

        Lorna had been eavesdropping on the entire conversation. She smiled and gave Kyle the thumbs-up sign. Kyle turned back sharply and grabbed Shard in a huge hug. He kissed her!

The End