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A Bull of a Problem

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A Bull of a Problem
by Pirate Turner


        He was riding along, doubled over with a cramped stomach as well as a broken heart, when he heard the terrified screams of a calf. Cowlorado looked up, the black of his fur draining from his face when he heard the furious snorts of a bull. The townspeople gathered around the fence, gawking, pointing, and yelling but none helping.

        He tensed. He had been on the other side of a pair of equally deadly horns not long ago. He should ride away, but years of trying to impress his beloved Marshall had taken their toll. He rode straight for the fence instead.

        Horse and rider leaped over the gathered townsfolk and galloped to the calf. They circled around. Cowlorado grabbed the calf, and they fled. The bull's horns barely struck his loyal steed's tail, but Cowlorado felt the brush. He shuddered and knew his pants were done for even as he carried the crying calf to the mother who was screaming, "WILLOW!"

        He tipped his hat to the lady after delivering the calf safely into her arms. She cried as she held her tightly, but her next words, as she examined her calf, stopped him cold. "Her bottle's gone!"

        Cowlorado looked back to the pasture where the bull was playing with the bottle, tossing it up with his savage, glistening horns and catching it repeatedly. Cowlorado drawled, "Lady, get the bottle your own self," and rode off without ever taking any notice of the eyes upon him.

The End