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Song of Heartbreak

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Song of Heartbreak
by Pirate Turner


Why was I born?
Tell me why I am living?
What do I get?
Or what am I'm giving?

        Tonight was not the first night that the young woman puzzled over the questions that she sang. Before her journey into the Realm of Imagination, Miranda Ainsling had often questioned her existence. She had wondered why she was cursed to be living many times after losing her mother but had once been foolish enough to believe she had found the answer when her family had been taken into the Realm of Imagination and had discovered that they were to fulfill an ancient prophecy and saved thousands of good and innocent lives.

        They had succeeded in fulfilling the prophecy but not without a cost. Her father had lost the woman he'd came to love and her baby sister had lost the dearest and most loyal friend she'd ever made, but Miranda herself had paid the highest price. She had found the man she loved and would always love only to lose him. There had not been a single night that had gone by since they had been returned to their so-called home that Miranda had not wondered why she had been born to lead such a miserable and lonely life, why she continued to live despite the constant empty ache in her shattered heart, and what in the world she was meant for if, indeed, anything at all.

What do I want a thing
I damn not hope for
What can I hope for?
I wish I knew

        Why bother to hope at all?, the blonde wondered even as she sang the words, her vibrant, beautiful voice carrying out over her audience. Why bother to hope, or to even live for that matter, when the one thing she wanted, the only man she could ever love, could never be hers? She would never even see him again. Tears welled in her eyes at that thought. Her voice threatened to freeze, but she forced herself to blink away her tears and continue singing and strumming softly on her guitar.

Why do I try to draw you near me
Honey tell me why do I cry
'Cause you're never gonna hear me

        Why couldn't she shake him? Why couldn't she forget about him? Why couldn't time at least ease her pain instead of making it worse with every passing day? Her every waking and sleeping moment was filled with thoughts of him, but no amount of thinking or anything else would ever do her any good. He was in the Realm of Imagination -- the one place that she knew she could not return to, no matter how hard she tried. She'd gone to the dock every night since returning home and screamed his name at the top of her lungs, but she had never seen him or even the ship. She never would, and he would never hear her . . . no matter how many times she screamed his name, whispered it when falling to sleep or first waking, or whimpered it in her sleep. Besides, he hadn't even asked her to stay . . . but, still, she longed for him with an aching so intense that it seemed to set her every cell on icy flame.

I'm a poor fool but what can I do, do?
Why was I born to love you?

        No one would ever believe her if she tried to tell them how she felt, not even her own father or sister. He was a Dwarf with pointed ears, a short body, and big feet. She was a human, a Princess in his world, with long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. He belonged to the Realm of Imagination, but she was trapped in the harsh world of reality. They should never have even met, but they had. None would ever believe that she loved him, but she did with every fiber of her soul. She should at least be able to move on without him, but she couldn't for, no matter what happened in her days that were busied with school, family, and peers (never friends for she would never again see her true friends), her heart, mind, and soul returned to him every night, returned to the lonely Hell that her life had become the moment she had left him. She should have been able to at least concentrate on her family and forget the pain through their love, but not even they could ease her endless pain and suffering.

Oh, why do I try to draw you near me
Oh, why do I cry

        She bit off the last word with a whimper and was surprised to find tears streaming down her cheeks. Her heart raged like a volcano aching to explode, and her fingers had gone numb. Her voice shook as she struggled to finish the song.

'Cause you're never gonna hear me
I'm a poor fool but what, what can I do?
Why was I born to love you?

        Even as Miranda managed to struggle through the last verse to the song's end, she stood on trembling legs. As the last word left her dry lips, she turned and ran from the stage and out the cafe. Her tears ran into her eyes, blinding her so that she could not see anything, but she cared no more where she was going than she could see where she was going. Her betraying feet carried her to the dock, but when she got there, the ship was nowhere to be seen. She screamed Sebastian's name until her throat grew so hoarse that she could no longer speak, and then she collapsed in a shaking, sobbing heap onto the dock.

The End