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Gotham's Inheritance

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Gotham ’s Inheritance


Jason was kinda surprised to find out that Talia had a kid. Not as surprised as when he found out it was Bruce’s, though.

Damian Wayne…didn’t really sound right, but better than Ibn al Xu’ffasch. Son of the Bat; what the hell had Talia been thinking, naming her kid that?


She hadn’t been thinking. At least not lately. After his dip in the Lazarus Pit, Jason was thinking a whole lot clearer, though. He remembered why his half-zombified mind had recognized Talia, but now he knew why he couldn’t trust her.


A proof borne out when Jason went to check on Damian in the crèche/training room the kid spent most of his time in, and found a playpen in one corner holding two little girls. He had no idea who the kids were, but he knew they weren’t Talia’s.


Most of the computer hacking stuff Bruce had tried to teach him was harder to remember than the other stuff, but Ra’s al Ghul had never been one for technology. It was easy to break the encryption keys on their computer mainframe.


It was kind of a shock to find out that the toddler was the daughter of some blonde chick who was apparently the current Robin, and dating the one before her, but after Jason. Her name was Mary Robinson, and the adoptive parents she’d been kidnapped from – thankfully, Talia had seen fit to try and be sneaky, so they weren’t dead – were a lesbian couple living on the better side of the East End.


Jason knew the name Holly Robinson was familiar. He didn’t know how, but he knew it. And the East End reminded him of Catwoman. Catwoman, who was the mother of the infant in the playpen, named Helena.


Helena Kyle-Wayne. Apparently Selina Kyle had spread rumors that Catwoman’s kid was the spawn of Sam Bradley so none of Batman’s enemies would be after her.

It hadn’t worked.


For some reason Ra’s seemed content to let Talia run things. Talia seemed content to let Jason wander around the League of Assasin’s compounds. Either she was naïve enough to trust him, stupid enough to think he trusted her, or unaware enough to think that he was still out of it.


Whatever it was, Jason found it ridiculously easy to befriend Damian, and, with promises of taking him to see his father and five older brothers and sisters – apparently there was also a new Batgirl – have the seven-year-old mini-martial artist help him spirit the two girls away.


It wasn’t quite so easy getting across the Atlantic, but he’d left enough clues that only a Bat could follow that Jason knew someone would meet them at the airport.


He just had to hope that his and the kid’s homecoming would be a celebration and not a conflagration.


After all, while Damian might have been the only one with the name, they were all Batkids.