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A Story of Love

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A Story of Love
by Pirate Turner


        With a brave yell bolstering forth from the top of his lungs, he charged. Bullets blazed all around him as he fired his own guns at a rate more rapid than the eye could see. A bullet suddenly exploded in his shoulder. He knew it was only a flesh wound even as he went down, but the more immediate, and far more dangerous, threat was the posse closing in on our hero from all sides.

        With the sudden lethality of a rattlesnake's strike, another gun fired. Six bullets were fired, and each met their mark with the proficiency of an expert. As the last bandit fell, the shooter stepped forward, and the legendary Roy O'Bannon felt himself at a loss for words. Here was a man who had saved whole villages single-handedly; bested the greatest gambler of the West, Ezra Standish, with his own card; and won over Kings but who could barely even breathe now as his best friend came forward.

        He didn't bother to tell himself it was the bullet that had ripped a painful, gory hole in his arm, because he had never been the type of man to lie about his feelings. He watched, blue eyes wide and lungs struggling for breath, as his hero strode boldly forward.

        He gazed at him from almond eyes underneath a wild shock of ebony mane. He reached down a yellow hand, and Roy gladly took it. "You seem to make a habit of falling down, Roy."

        The Chinese Kid's words were a gentle tease, but Roy was serious as he answered softly, "Only when you're around to catch me." He pulled him close, and the two men kissed in the final rays of the setting sun.


        Roy paused, a grin lighting his face. His quill was still raised, but he had to take a moment to admire his own work. His smile spread from ear to ear. There was no way Chon would be able to stay mad at him after this; he'd have to let him out of the doghouse!

The End