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I Spy

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I Spy.
by Aiden


He woke up by the ringing of his phone and growled, it was only five in the morning. He picked it up, looked at the display and hesitated if he should answer it. A sigh escaped him; he knew if he didn't answer they would be banging at his door in a half hour or so. "Good morning Ruth," he answered the call.

'How did you…? Never mind, you are needed. We have a lead on the bomber, he's seen in the train station.' Ruth told him.

He was already out of his bed," I'm on my way." He clicked his phone shut and walked towards the bedroom. When he looked in the mirror a moan escaped his lips, "Adam you look terrible," he said to his reflection. 'Well seven hours sleep in four days will do that to you' he thought.

When he was getting ready to go to work his mind wondered, why is he doing this? He did it because he is good at it; loving the danger or  getting inside people's life. When Harry Pearce pulled him out of MI6, his first thought was, 'great I'll have to clean up there mess.' But it turned out different and now he was glad that Harry had recruited him.

He had to admit he loved to play a different person every time. He had to seduce women to get information and befriend men who had done unspeakable things to make them confess to him, bare there souls.

And when the walls started to close in on him, when it just became to much he was there to pick up the pieces. Just one phone call and he came to him, fucking him into the mattress and made him forget about how cruel the world could be.

He finished up getting dressed and exited the house; a car was already waiting for him. He got in and smiled a little, yes he loved this life.